2016 STYF season
Dates February 25, 2016 - June 2, 2016
Sport Football
Game Used NCAA Football '14, Xbox 360
Format League & Playoffs
Participants 56
Matches Played 298 of 298
Champion(s) U-NEED-A CLOWN (1st title)
STYF seasons
2016 2016-17

The 2016 STYF season is the inaugural season of South Tucson Youth Football, or STYF. The 10-game regular season began on February 25, 2016, and concluded on May 12, 2016 with the last of six conference championship games.

The 8-team playoff began on May 19, 2016 and concluded on June 2, 2016 when U-NEED-A CLOWN were crowned the 2016 STYF champions, by defeating Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair by a score of 10-7.


  • Bryan
  • NTQ
  • Blinky
  • Will
  • Slip
  • & Many More!


American Freedoms Conference
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Guns Division
The Porneaux Shoppe4 - 36 - 6
Crossbow of the Month Club4 - 37 - 4
World of Shrapnel3 - 43 - 7
Blind Bob's Firing Range3 - 44 - 6
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse3 - 44 - 6
Bible Division
#6 Holy Balls!^5 - 28 - 4
Autopsies by Candice4 - 35 - 5
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene4 - 34 - 6
Stations of the Cross Fit3 - 45 - 5
Septic Tanks for Jesus2 - 53 - 7
Big Small Business Conference
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Goods Division
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse5 - 27 - 5
The Marmalade Shack4 - 35 - 5
The Mulch Hut4 - 35 - 5
Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items3 - 43 - 7
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters2 - 53 - 7
Services Division
#10 Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel^5 - 29 - 3
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm4 - 35 - 5
Yoga For Fatties4 - 35 - 5
EXTREME Dentistry2 - 53 - 7
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace2 - 54 - 6
Blue Collar Conference
  Conf All
Team W L W L
#1 Welders of the Universe^6 - 19 - 2
#2 Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair4 - 37 - 4
The Horsepussy Saloon4 - 36 - 5
#3 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair4 - 39 - 4
#8 Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing4 - 37 - 5
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash4 - 36 - 5
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi2 - 53 - 7
Twin Towers Construction0 - 71 - 9
Child Services Conference
  Conf All
Team W L W L
#9 1-800-BUY-A-DAD^5 - 26 - 5
#4 U-NEED-A CLOWN4 - 310 - 3
Shifty Lou's Arcade4 - 37 - 4
#5 Crashzone Trampoline Experience4 - 37 - 4
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium3 - 45 - 5
Bully Factory Children's MMA3 - 45 - 6
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service3 - 45 - 5
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care2 - 54 - 6
Foreign Legion
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Pinko Division
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck5 - 28 - 4
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub4 - 34 - 6
Danish Lou's Chutney House4 - 34 - 6
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House4 - 37 - 4
Francois Creperie2 - 53 - 7
Oriental Division
#7 Second to Naan Curry Shop^5 - 29 - 4
Go Pho Yourself4 - 35 - 5
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars3 - 44 - 6
Happy Release Manicures3 - 45 - 5
Kebab Barkers1 - 63 - 7
Gluttony League
  Conf All
Team W L W L
Quick Service Division
Tremor's Pizza^4 - 37 - 5
The Creamy Surprise4 - 35 - 5
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty3 - 45 - 5
Pablo's Roadside Tacos3 - 44 - 6
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store3 - 44 - 6
Fine Dining Division
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet4 - 35 - 6
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse4 - 37 - 4
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'4 - 35 - 6
Diddler's Family Restaurant3 - 44 - 6
Delgrango's Discount Seafood3 - 45 - 5


Each team plays 3 non-conference games and 7 conference games, comprising of a 10-game season. Conferences with 8 teams have all teams play each other once. Conferences with 10 teams have teams play their 4 division opponents once, and 3 teams from the other division once on a rotating basis from season to season. Conferences with 10 teams will also have an additional championship game in an 11th week, with the two division winners meeting.

Week 1

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Feb 25
Feb 28
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse38Danish Lou's Chutney House21
The Porneaux Shoppe31Bully Factory Children's MMA28
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'14Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm10
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi21The Wandering Lush Irish Pub14
Holy Balls!20Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel3
Crashzone Trampoline Experience27Blind Bob's Firing Range17
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium28Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars10
Welders of the Universe21Delgrango's Discount Seafood17
Diddler's Family Restaurant21The Marmalade Shack14
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters10Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service7
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck24Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty17
Francois Creperie21Crossbow of the Month Club14
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse38bGo Pho Yourself31
Kebab Barkers17Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse0
The Horsepussy Saloon20Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care14
U-NEED-A CLOWN26cHouse of Guffaws Comedy Palace23
Happy Release Manicures28Pablo's Roadside Tacos21
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair17Pawn Shop of the Nazarene15
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair20Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store0
Second to Naan Curry Shop13Stations of the Cross Fit10
Septic Tanks for Jesus241-800-BUY-A-DAD14
Shifty Lou's Arcade21Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing3
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet27cCrambler's House of Gags and Actual Items24
Autopsies by Candice28The Mulch Hut18
Tremor's Pizza54aBig Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash51
Twin Towers Construction31The Creamy Surprise17
EXTREME Dentistry27World of Shrapnel13
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House35Yoga For Fatties7
  • a - Final/5OT
  • b - Final/2OT
  • c - Final/OT

Week 2

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Mar 2
Mar 6
1-800-BUY-A-DAD31Second to Naan Curry Shop24
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel24Autopsies by Candice10
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium24Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi16
Delgrango's Discount Seafood17Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items10
Crossbow of the Month Club24The Creamy Surprise14
Tremor's Pizza28Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars24
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair17Danish Lou's Chutney House14
The Horsepussy Saloon39aDiddler's Family Restaurant37
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair21EXTREME Dentistry13
The Mulch Hut16Go Pho Yourself10
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty38Happy Release Manicures35
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace21Holy Balls!17
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care31Blind Bob's Firing Range21
Welders of the Universe21Kathy's Kountry Kookin'10
Bully Factory Children's MMA24Kebab Barkers17
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House14World of Shrapnel10
Pablo's Roadside Tacos21Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck7
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash14Pawn Shop of the Nazarene10
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse31Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse17
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing20Francois Creperie14
Crashzone Trampoline Experience21Septic Tanks for Jesus14
Shifty Lou's Arcade28The Marmalade Shack21
Stations of the Cross Fit35The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet28
The Porneaux Shoppe24Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters21
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm38The Wandering Lush Irish Pub31
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service35Twin Towers Construction28
U-NEED-A CLOWN20Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store19
Yoga For Fatties21Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse17
  • a - Final/3OT

Week 3

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Mar 9
Mar 14
Bully Factory Children's MMA21Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse0
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars35Autopsies by Candice30
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash21World of Shrapnel10
Blind Bob's Firing Range24Twin Towers Construction7
Go Pho Yourself27Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm24
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair21Tremor's Pizza14
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel28Pawn Shop of the Nazarene14
Crashzone Trampoline Experience24Yoga For Fatties17
Delgrango's Discount Seafood42The Porneaux Shoppe28
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty21EXTREME Dentistry14
Happy Release Manicures35Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse28
Holy Balls!24Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters17
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace28Septic Tanks for Jesus24
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck21Kathy's Kountry Kookin'14
Kebab Barkers251-800-BUY-A-DAD22
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing17Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House14
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair20The Mulch Hut7
Second to Naan Curry Shop28Pablo's Roadside Tacos7
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store45Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items37
Stations of the Cross Fit48Shifty Lou's Arcade45
Crossbow of the Month Club25Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium21
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care35The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet28
The Creamy Surprise17Danish Lou's Chutney House14
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse28The Horsepussy Saloon21
The Marmalade Shack24The Wandering Lush Irish Pub17
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service27Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi7
U-NEED-A CLOWN28Diddler's Family Restaurant10
Welders of the Universe28Francois Creperie21

Week 4

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Mar 23
Mar 28
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet31Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse8
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash24Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi21
Shifty Lou's Arcade35Bully Factory Children's MMA28
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel27Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm24
The Marmalade Shack17Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items14
Crashzone Trampoline Experience351-800-BUY-A-DAD21
Holy Balls!28Crossbow of the Month Club21
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub24Danish Lou's Chutney House17
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'31Diddler's Family Restaurant14
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse12Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters7
The Creamy Surprise17Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty14
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars17Francois Creperie6
Happy Release Manicures28Go Pho Yourself14
Blind Bob's Firing Range24Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse14
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House28Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck21
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store38Pablo's Roadside Tacos31
Autopsies by Candice26Pawn Shop of the Nazarene9
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair17Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair13
Second to Naan Curry Shop14Kebab Barkers10
Stations of the Cross Fit28Septic Tanks for Jesus0
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care42Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium10
The Horsepussy Saloon17Twin Towers Construction14
The Mulch Hut20EXTREME Dentistry17
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service34U-NEED-A CLOWN24
Tremor's Pizza35Delgrango's Discount Seafood21
Welders of the Universe21Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing14
The Porneaux Shoppe28World of Shrapnel25
Yoga For Fatties27House of Guffaws Comedy Palace14

Week 5

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Mar 31
Apr 3
1-800-BUY-A-DAD24Bully Factory Children's MMA21
Blind Bob's Firing Range17Holy Balls!10
Welders of the Universe16Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair14
Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair27aCaptain Chuck's Adventure Taxi24
Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items31Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm24
Crossbow of the Month Club29Septic Tanks for Jesus26
Danish Lou's Chutney House20Happy Release Manicures17
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters42House of Guffaws Comedy Palace35
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'24Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty17
Second to Naan Curry Shop42Francois Creperie21
Autopsies by Candice24Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse14
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service24Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care21
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House31Kebab Barkers21
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck34Go Pho Yourself10
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet24Pablo's Roadside Tacos20
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse17EXTREME Dentistry14
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing28The Horsepussy Saloon27
Shifty Lou's Arcade28Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium14
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store24Diddler's Family Restaurant23
Delgrango's Discount Seafood28The Creamy Surprise21
The Marmalade Shack24Yoga For Fatties10
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel15The Mulch Hut7
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene16The Porneaux Shoppe7
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub41Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars31
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse24Tremor's Pizza7
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash24aTwin Towers Construction21
U-NEED-A CLOWN31Crashzone Trampoline Experience24
World of Shrapnel21Stations of the Cross Fit18
  • a - Final/OT

Week 6

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Apr 7
Apr 10
1-800-BUY-A-DAD38#4 U-NEED-A CLOWN24
Pablo's Roadside Tacos34Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse31
Autopsies by Candice31Blind Bob's Firing Range21
#10 Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash31a#2 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair28
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm14Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters7
Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair24Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi17
#8 Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel30Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items27
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck37Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars31
Delgrango's Discount Seafood28Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store25
Tremor's Pizza14Diddler's Family Restaurant10
EXTREME Dentistry19The Marmalade Shack14
Go Pho Yourself17Francois Creperie14
Happy Release Manicures21The Wandering Lush Irish Pub16
Holy Balls!24The Porneaux Shoppe17
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse24House of Guffaws Comedy Palace10
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'31The Creamy Surprise21
Danish Lou's Chutney House31Kebab Barkers14
Crossbow of the Month Club28Pawn Shop of the Nazarene21
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing23Twin Towers Construction14
#7 Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House28#9 Second to Naan Curry Shop21
Septic Tanks for Jesus24World of Shrapnel14
Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care24#5 Shifty Lou's Arcade21
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse21Stations of the Cross Fit17
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium14Bully Factory Children's MMA10
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shantya13The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet10
#1 Welders of the Universea30The Horsepussy Saloon27
#6 Crashzone Trampoline Experience28#3 Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service21
The Mulch Hut21Yoga For Fatties9
  • a - Final/OT

Week 7

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Apr 14
Apr 17
Septic Tanks for Jesus31Autopsies by Candice14
#10 Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair24#4 Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash7
Blind Bob's Firing Range27Crossbow of the Month Club21
Bully Factory Children's MMA38#7 Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care17
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm27EXTREME Dentistry14
The Horsepussy Saloon24Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi14
Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items21Yoga For Fatties17
Shifty Lou's Arcade14#2 Crashzone Trampoline Experience7
Second to Naan Curry Shop28Happy Release Manicures14
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace24#6 Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel17
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse21Kathy's Kountry Kookin'17
Kebab Barkers24Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars13
Go Pho Yourself31#3 Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House21
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck34Danish Lou's Chutney House31
Diddler's Family Restaurant24Pablo's Roadside Tacos17
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse28The Mulch Hut21
#5 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair17#8 Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing10
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty24Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store3
Holy Balls!14Stations of the Cross Fit10
#9 Delgrango's Discount Seafood24The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet14
Tremor's Pizza21The Creamy Surprise17
The Marmalade Shack36aFat & Lazy Motorized Scooters34
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse28The Porneaux Shoppe7
Francois Creperie24The Wandering Lush Irish Pub6
1-800-BUY-A-DAD13Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service7
U-NEED-A CLOWN24Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium11
#1 Welders of the Universe56Twin Towers Construction14
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene28World of Shrapnel0
  • a - Final/3OT

Week 8

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Apr 20
Apr 24
1-800-BUY-A-DAD41aTed's Baby Clothes Emporium38
Diddler's Family Restaurant14Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse12
Stations of the Cross Fit42Blind Bob's Firing Range24
#5 Crashzone Trampoline Experience31Bully Factory Children's MMA28
The Horsepussy Saloon27#3 Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair17
Yoga For Fatties28Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel16
The Porneaux Shoppe28Crossbow of the Month Club21
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars24Happy Release Manicures17
Danish Lou's Chutney House24#7 Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House20
Kathy's Kountry Kookin'28#4 Delgrango's Discount Seafood7
EXTREME Dentistry21House of Guffaws Comedy Palace17
Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters21Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items0
Pablo's Roadside Tacos21Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty19
Francois Creperie21Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck12
World of Shrapnel28Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse21
Holy Balls!21Autopsies by Candice0
#10 U-NEED-A CLOWN31Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care21
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm28Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse23
Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing20#9 Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash7
Second to Naan Curry Shop21Go Pho Yourself18
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene28Septic Tanks for Jesus10
Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service34b#6 Shifty Lou's Arcade31
The Creamy Surprise29The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet21
The Marmalade Shack28The Mulch Hut14
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub55Kebab Barkers49
#8 Tremor's Pizza13Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store7
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi35Twin Towers Construction26
#1 Welders of the Universe35#2 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair17
  • a - Final/3OT
  • b - Final/2OT

Week 9

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Apr 28
May 2
Autopsies by Candice42Stations of the Cross Fit24
#1 Welders of the Universe35Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash14
#8 Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing19Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi14
The Mulch Hut28Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items14
#7 Second to Naan Curry Shop28Danish Lou's Chutney House18
Diddler's Family Restaurant28Delgrango's Discount Seafood23
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel24Fat & Lazy Motorized Scooters21
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse50aFlappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty44
Go Pho Yourself28Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars24
Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse19Septic Tanks for Jesus14
Happy Release Manicures30Kebab Barkers7
1-800-BUY-A-DAD21Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care18
Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm28House of Guffaws Comedy Palace17
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet41b#10 Kathy's Kountry Kookin'38
Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House38Francois Creperie31
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck24The Wandering Lush Irish Pub6
Pablo's Roadside Tacos28#4 Tremor's Pizza17
Pawn Shop of the Nazarene28#6 Holy Balls!24
The Creamy Surprise23Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store15
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium41#2 Crashzone Trampoline Experience38
The Horsepussy Saloon21#3 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair14
Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse34The Marmalade Shack17
The Porneaux Shoppe42Blind Bob's Firing Range20
Bully Factory Children's MMA13Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service12
#9 Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair42Twin Towers Construction28
#5 U-NEED-A CLOWN28Shifty Lou's Arcade17
Crossbow of the Month Club25World of Shrapnel21
Yoga For Fatties38EXTREME Dentistry21
  • a - Final/4OT
  • b - Final/OT

Week 10

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
May 5
May 8
Shifty Lou's Arcade28#4 1-800-BUY-A-DAD21
World of Shrapnel21Blind Bob's Firing Range14
Bully Factory Children's MMA34c#2 U-NEED-A CLOWN31
Yoga For Fatties24Burns & Crackle Mesothelioma Law Firm17
#6 Busted Rubber Auto & Tire Repair24#3 Rusty Pipe Job Plumbing7
#9 Crashzone Trampoline Experience21Hootenanny's Country/Western Day Care17
Crossbow of the Month Club35Hacking Gene's Smokeless Tobacco Warehouse25
Daggum Singh's Exotic Colars32#5 Second to Naan Curry Shop28
Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse35Delgrango's Discount Seafood14
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel27EXTREME Dentistry3
Danish Lou's Chutney House14Francois Creperie7
Holy Balls!49aSeptic Tanks for Jesus46
Go Pho Yourself38Kebab Barkers14
Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck24Happy Release Manicures16
Crambler's House of Gags and Actual Items21Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse16
#8 Sam & Sons Gazebo Repair13Twin Towers Construction7
Shoeless Jim's Diabetic Candy Store24Kathy's Kountry Kookin'20
Stations of the Cross Fit28Pawn Shop of the Nazarene23
Ted's Baby Clothes Emporium38Tony & Paul's Child Escort Service35
The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet24cDiddler's Family Restaurant21
The Creamy Surprise34bPablo's Roadside Tacos31
Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash35c#7 The Horsepussy Saloon28
House of Guffaws Comedy Palace13The Marmalade Shack10
The Mulch Hut34cFat & Lazy Motorized Scooters31
The Porneaux Shoppe24Autopsies by Candice21
The Wandering Lush Irish Pub38Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House17
Flappy Pappy's Pancake Shanty35c#10 Tremor's Pizza28
Captain Chuck's Adventure Taxi37#1 Welders of the Universe24
  • a - Final/4OT
  • b - Final/2OT
  • c - Final/OT

Championship Week

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
May 11
American Freedoms Conference Championship Game
#7 Holy Balls!17The Porneaux Shoppe14
Big Small Business Conference Championship Game
Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel28Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse21
May 12
Foreign Legion Championship Game
#9 Second to Naan Curry Shop49#10 Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck30
Gluttony League Championship Game
Tremor's Pizza21The Binging Texan BBQ Buffet17


Throughout the season, the top 10 rankings will be released, starting with the conclusion of Week 5. At the end of the season, these top rankings will be used to determine the play-off teams and seeding. The top 8 in rankings will compete for the South Tucson Youth Football Championship. Teams ranked 9 and 10 will compete in the Participation Bowl.

Season Rankings

Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
1 Welders (5-0) Welders (6-0) Welders (7-0) Welders (8-0)
2 Sam & Sons (5-0) CTE (5-1) Sam & Sons (6-1) CTE (6-2)
3 Tony & Paul's (4-1) Mama Lugano's (5-1) Busted Rubber (5-2) Sam & Sons (6-2)
4 U-NEED-A CLOWN (4-1) Big Paul's (5-1) Delgrango's (5-2) Tremor's Pizza (6-2)
5 Shifty Lou's (4-1) Sam & Sons (5-1) CTE (5-2) U-NEED-A CLOWN (6-2)
6 CTE (4-1) Casa de Gordoso (5-1) Shifty Lou's (5-2) Holy Balls! (6-2)
7 Mama Lugano's (4-1) Hootenanny's (5-1) Mama Lugano's (5-2) Second to Naan (6-2)
8 Casa de Gordoso (4-1) Rusty Pipe Job (4-2) Tremor's Pizza (5-2) Rusty Pipe Job (5-3)
9 Second to Naan (4-1) Delgrango's (5-1) Big Paul's (5-2) Busted Rubber (5-3)
10 Big Paul's (4-1) Busted Rubber (5-1) U-NEED-A CLOWN (5-2) Kathy's KK (5-3)
Week 10 Week 11 Final
1 Welders (9-0) Welders (9-1) Welders (9-1)
2 U-NEED-A CLOWN (7-2) Busted Rubber (7-3) Busted Rubber (7-3)
3 Rusty Pipe Job (6-3) Sam & Sons (7-3) Sam & Sons (7-3)
4 1-800-BUY-A-DAD (6-3) CTE (7-3) U-NEED-A CLOWN (7-3)
5 Second to Naan (7-2) U-NEED-A CLOWN (7-3) CTE (7-3)
6 Busted Rubber (6-3) Rusty Pipe Job (6-4) Holy Balls! (8-3)
7 Horsepussy Saloon (6-3) Holy Balls! (7-3) Second to Naan (8-3)
8 Sam & Sons (6-3) 1-800-BUY-A-DAD (6-4) Rusty Pipe Job (6-4)
9 CTE (6-3) Second to Naan (7-3) 1-800-BUY-A-DAD (6-4)
10 Tremor's (6-3) Nothin' But Borscht (7-3) Casa de Gordoso (8-3)
  Increase in ranking
  Decrease in ranking
  Not ranked previous week


* - Denotes overtime

Quarterfinals (May 19/20) Semifinals (May 28) Championship Game (June 2)
 1  Welders 31  
 8  Rusty Pipe Job 34  
    8 Rusty Pipe Job 21  
  4 U-NEED-A CLOWN 41  
 4  U-NEED-A CLOWN 42  
 5  CTE 24    
     4 U-NEED-A CLOWN 10
     3 Sam & Sons 7
 2  Busted Rubber 24    
 7  Second to Naan 31    
    7 Second to Naan 17  
  3 Sam & Sons 27  
 3  Sam & Sons 27
 6  Holy Balls! 24  

Bowl Movements

Teams who do not finish the season ranked in the top 8 can still qualify for one of South Tucson's many extravagant, yet still utterly meaningless, bowl games.

Bold denotes home team.

Date Winner Loser
Albert Fish Bowl
May 22Crossbow of the Month Club28Bully Factory Children's MMA10
HCL Punch Bowl
May 22Shifty Lou's Arcade20Kathy's Kountry Kookin'14
Mellencamp Bowl
May 30Rancho Robusto Plus-Sized Wearhouse22Big Paul's Mexican-less Car Wash17
Love It or Leave It Bowl
May 30Nothin' But Borscht Food Truck35The Porneaux Shoppe21
Tucsonade Dehydration Bowl
June 1Mama Lugano's Legitimate Spaghetti House35Tremor's Pizza30
Ingmar Tisdale Memorial Bowl
June 1Abigail May's Aggressive Steakhouse27The Horsepussy Saloon6
Participation Bowl
June 2#10 Casa de Gordoso Hourly Motel31#9 1-800-BUY-A-DAD28

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