This page is designed for all past IRM content that either happened before this wiki page existed, only had one airing and didn't stick around, or a combination of both. Any descriptions or info about these shows are listed below.

In Your HorseEdit

Game: Breeders Cup World Championship (PS2)

Horse racing came to the channel for one episode, as part of the Murica Stream on July 4, 2013. The premise was simple. Horses had funny names, the chat picked their favorites, the game simulated the races, Bryan would do the call, repeat. Except when the names of the horses would break everyone. It was a place for inside jokes, weird phrases, Alan Partridge and other obscure references, or simply, horse named GUNK. Yeah, that's pretty much the one thing everyone remembered from In Your Horse. Maybe it'll come back someday.

You can watch Episode 1 of In Your Horse on YouTube!

Rugby Every WeekEdit

Game: Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge (XBOX 360)

As a joke, the Murica Stream on July 4, 2013 began with the most American of sports: rugby!

With a limited Create-a-Team and Create-a-Player feature, this never really picked up, along with the fact that rugby union wasn't the most thrilling game to stream. There were silly team names that sounded like English rugby teams, such as Jibblingham, North Upper Quam, Catamarans, Hervingdingdingshire, and London Portuguese. Not much really to talk about.

Whole Lotta BullEdit

Game: PBR: Out of the Chute (PS2)

Initially intended to be part of the Southern Sports Hour, Whole Lotta Bull featured bull riding using a mode where the player could play as the bull, attempting to buck off the CPU rider. And after he was bucked off, you could charge and run down the rider, and clowns, and everything. It was chaos, and the bulls had funny names, and that was about it.

World Series of Degenerate GamblingEdit

Game: Hard Rock Casino (PS2)

Gambling never seemed so depraved, as down-on-their-luck players would pawn valuable items for an effort to make back money they've lost in binge sessions at the tables and buffet. Can they win back important funds that shouldn't have been negligently gambled away in the first place? Even if they can win it all back, the one thing they can't win back is their dignity and self-respect.

There wasn't much to this, really. It was a slow paced casino game. We did try to win a car once. Then we won it, and all it said was "You win the car." And that was it. Lame.

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