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KUMITE is a Japanese-based mixed martial arts promotion that aired on IRM. The first ever show aired on January 1, 2014, and the last show, KUMITE 36, took place on December 4, 2016.

KUMITE shows were simulated using UFC 3 Undisputed for the Xbox 360, pre-produced, with pre-recorded commentary from "Matty" Matt Screemings (Bryan) and Carl "The Kraken" Matthews (Kyle). Commentary was pre-recorded to make scheduling easier, and because the Matty voice hurt, and Bryan couldn't do it all in one go.


KUMITE began in a very mysterious way, with a series of cryptic videos, tweets, messages, and straight up hacks of the IRM stream channel. Using the hashtag "#KeepWaiting" repeatedly on Twitter, a video aired after HCL 26, building suspense to what would debut on New Year's Day, 2014.

It was soon learned that KUMITE was a new promotion owned and operated by Most Glorious and Honorable Mr. Naga, a legitimate businessman who snatched up the contracts of several HCL fighters, along with a host of international fighters, to take part in the promotion.

Unlike many promotions, KUMITE did not have any championship titles that were defended. Instead, the title of "KUMITE champion" was awarded to the winner of the annual 16-man tournament, referred to simply as the "KUMITE". Since there were four different weight classes, four KUMITE tournaments took place, and four KUMITE champions were crowned, each year.

After the first year, a points ranking system was designed, and qualification for the 2015 and 2016 KUMITE tournaments followed a strict set of guidelines. Fighters who reached the semifinals of the previous year's tournament received an automatic spot, and were joined by fighters ranked in the top 10 by a certain cutoff date. One spot was given to the winner of a fan vote, the "Most Benevolent Fan Selection". The final spot was given to the recipient of Mr. Naga's "Most Glorious Invitation". Any additional spots left over were given via supplemental invitations.

Typically, the "Most Glorious Invitation" was used as a method to bring in a debuting fighter to KUMITE, often times one stolen from HCL. While the recipient of this title has never won the KUMITE, there are three occasions where the "Most Benevolent Fan Selection" has won the KUMITE. This happened twice in 2015 (Ricky Baby and Miami Dave County), and once more in 2016 (Curtis Prancer).

Weight divisions/KUMITE champions

YearWeight classWinnerRunner upDate wonEvent won
2014HeavyweightNobuyuki Hidoi Flag of JPNRoger Mars Flag of AUSKUMITE 7July 19
93 kg (205 lbs)Marco van Smeerlap Flag of NEDBarbara Flag of BRAKUMITE 12December 13
83 kg (183 lbs)Yaroslav Chernaya Flag of RUSRoger Bagulho Flag of BRAKUMITE 9September 13
73 kg (161 lbs)Li Fangzhu Flag of CHNMarcel Willaume Flag of FRAKUMITE 11November 22
2015HeavyweightAndriy Zaporizhia Flag of UKRTaylor Swift Flag of USAKUMITE 17May 9
93 kg (205 lbs)Miami Dave County Flag of USAErik Helheim Flag of USAKUMITE 24December 17
83 kg (183 lbs)Roger Bagulho Flag of BRAEarl Moseley Flag of ENGKUMITE 18June 25
73 kg (161 lbs)Ricky Baby Flag of USAFORK Enomoto Flag of JPNKUMITE 23November 12
2016HeavyweightCurtis Prancer Flag of ENGBlade Stabdagger Flag of CANKUMITE 29May 29
93 kg (205 lbs)Father Chad Flag of USAMiami Dave County Flag of USAKUMITE 36December 4
83 kg (183 lbs)Earl Moseley Flag of ENGNorman Levine Flag of USAKUMITE 30June 12
73 kg (161 lbs)Hergen Bjergensen Flag of NORLi Fangzhu Flag of CHNKUMITE 35November 20

KUMITE events

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In total, KUMITE ran 36 shows, monthly, from January 2014 to December 2016. Starting in 2015, shows were split into 6-month "seasons", where two KUMITE tournaments would be run, alternating every other show. The January-to-June season would feature the Heavyweight and 83kg tournaments, while the July-to-December season featured the 93kg and 73kg tournaments.

All-time roster

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