This is a list of all football transfers for the window preceding the LOA 2016-17 season.

The transfer window began on Friday, October 14, 2016, and closed on Monday, October 31, 2016. Technically, it starts at the end of the previous season, and we don't have concrete dates. Basically, as long as it took Bryan to do the damn thing and move a fraction of 828 players across 46 teams.

Players without a club may join at any time. Clubs may be permitted to sign a goalkeeper on an emergency loan if they have no registered goalkeeper available, or if all of their goalkeepers get arrested or sent to solitary confinement.

As with the summer tournament, all rosters must be comprised of 18 players.


All transfers are active for the LOA 2016 tournament, and all deals are done in cigarettes (though noted by $). Free transfers occur when the transfer target was no longer under contract with his former club. Undisclosed fees did not publicize fees. Swap deals occur when two teams agree to swap players with no monetary fee.

Date Name Moving from Moving to Fee
Flag of BRA BlackAC GaddafiFC Kristallnacht2,100,000
Flag of ISL Viggo NüdlandReal QaedaSC Manifest DestinyFree
Flag of ARG Sergio ArmedicoReal QaedaFC GenocideFree
Flag of ESP Rolando BolandoReal QaedaDrone Strikers FCFree
Flag of GER Klaus FeuerlöschenFC KristallnachtFC SmallpoxFree
Flag of FRA Gilbert de PussoisSun City FCAC GaddafiFree
Flag of NAM Matthew ToleranceCSKGB MoscowLokomotiv Buchenwald1,200,000
Flag of FRA Mikel MenagerieCF Cartel de EscobarRed Terror Bolsheviks800,000
Flag of KSA Akram KarimiFC Spartak HamasAC Gaddafi1,650,000
Flag of WAL Alex SarhadCSKGB MoscowCF Inquisición750,000
Flag of BEL Dietrich VaartAC GaddafiNuclear ArsenalFree
Flag of BEL Matt GehoorzenFC KristallnachtFC Spartak HamasFree
Flag of NED Morgan Van der PoopenReal QaedaLokomotiv Buchenwald2,300,000
Flag of RUS Roman BerezinLokomotiv BuchenwaldFC Kristallnacht2,900,000
Flag of AUT Manor AstromannSlavic ScorpionsFC KristallnachtFree
Flag of DEN Stig BlergelsenSun City FCNuclear ArsenalFree
Flag of TUR Ak-Ak AkFC GenocideReal QaedaFree
Flag of RUS Bob RovskyFC Dixie 1963Nuclear Arsenal1,350,000
Flag of CAN Wade WedgemanRed Terror BolsheviksNuclear Arsenal1,800,000
Flag of SUI Sami EinlaufSun City FCLokomotiv Buchenwald1,300,000
Flag of ARG Sergio GranadaFC TrumpLokomotiv Buchenwald950,000
Flag of AUT Martin AnaboleFC JonestownLokomotiv BuchenwaldFree
Flag of IRL Garrison DoverSinn Féin FCLokomotiv BuchenwaldFree
Flag of BRA CreamyLokomotiv BuchenwaldKim Jong Un-itedFree
Flag of ITA Arturo CochellaSun City FCCF Cartel de EscobarFree
Flag of BEL Herman TrappisteLokomotiv BuchenwaldCF Cartel de EscobarFree
Flag of CZE Kristof JankovicAC GaddafiCF Cartel de EscobarFree
Flag of IRN Fawad FawazSporting GulagCF Cartel de Escobar1,100,000
Flag of USA Rudy ConcarneFC TrumpCF Cartel de Escobar750,000
Flag of GHA Henri CreamerDarfur City FCCF Cartel de Escobar1,200,000
Flag of NED Daley PapierCF Cartel de EscobarDarfur City FC200,000
Flag of SUI Robert SchpritzerKhmer Rouge FCKim Jong Un-ited2,300,000
Flag of CRO Lucas AginmovicFC KristallnachtKim Jong Un-itedFree
Flag of ITA Paolo LiceversoNuclear ArsenalFC SmallpoxFree
Flag of NOR Bart ForkledningIndependiente ManzanarFC Smallpox650,000
Flag of CMR Fofa FafanaSinn Féin FCFC Smallpox1,300,000
Flag of GER Bastian FensterCSKGB MoscowFC SmallpoxFree
Flag of ISR Matthew AmramFC SmallpoxFC Spartak Hamas400,000
Flag of FRA Butterie GoodnessFSV Blitzkrieg 43SC Manifest Destiny650,000
Flag of ITA Aquila ProlapseCS Tirani WallachiaSC Manifest Destiny1,050,000
Flag of RUS Andrey TakinovSinn Féin FCSC Manifest Destiny1,300,000
Flag of RUS Andrei GlopnikNuclear ArsenalSC Manifest DestinyFree
Flag of RUS Boris PlachnikovLokomotiv BuchenwaldDrone Strikers FCFree
Flag of SUI Tim WesterbahnCF InquisiciónDrone Strikers FCFree
Flag of HUN Oszkar DrizzleboobCF Cartel de EscobarDrone Strikers FCFree
Flag of TUR Yilmaz CezaviKim Jong Un-itedFC Spartak HamasFree
Flag of RUS Alexei PistokovNuclear ArsenalFC Spartak HamasFree
Flag of UKR Maxim PetrusLokomotiv BuchenwaldFC GenocideFree
Flag of BRA Lu'cretiaSun City FCFC GenocideFree
Flag of TUR Faz EberSlavic ScorpionsFC Genocide1,500,000
Flag of JPN Isha KusomotoKhmer Rouge FCFC GenocideFree
Flag of ISL Edgar GrímsvötnFC GenocideForce Publique FCFree
Flag of BEL Marouane FellatioFC Vlada ChernobylAC Gaddafi1,850,000
Flag of ESP Diego PutamadreCF InquisiciónAC Gaddafi2,400,000
Flag of WAL Jarrow RoofingAS CaligulaFC Genocide1,400,000
Flag of IRL Finn O'TooleFC GenocideAC GaddafiFree
Flag of SUI Crest WhitestripsSinn Féin FCForce Publique FCFree
Flag of BRA LeftoversReal QaedaForce Publique FCFree
Flag of USA Hacksaw StuffFC TrumpForce Publique FC1,400,000
Flag of URU Alexi ScotillaCF Cartel de EscobarForce Publique FCFree
Flag of ESP David MuerzoCF Cartel de EscobarCF InquisiciónFree
Flag of FRA Laurent MontadonSinn Féin FCCF InquisiciónFree
Flag of SRB Nasto JaneticSC Manifest DestinyCF InquisiciónFree
Flag of JPN Maguro MakimakiForce Publique FCRed Terror BolsheviksFree
Flag of NGA Getlost MasambaFC SmallpoxRed Terror BolsheviksFree
Flag of NED Alex DubbelAC GaddafiRed Terror BolsheviksFree
Flag of TUR Hakan SlashCF InquisiciónDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of POR EusonovaKim Jong Un-itedDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of SCO Aiden BoggFC Spartak HamasDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of POR Flavio LimaReal QaedaDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of USA TJ RibletteCosa Nostra CalcioSporting Gulag1,300,000
Flag of MEX Nacho SucioFC Torpedo NagasakiReal Qaeda2,200,000
Flag of ENG Nigel PlopplyFC GenocideSporting GulagFree
Flag of CRC Pancho LaberintoFC ApartheidSporting GulagFree
Flag of COD Daktari OngobongFC GenocideSporting GulagFree
Flag of ESP DelecheSlavic ScorpionsSporting GulagFree
Flag of SEN President CisseRed Terror BolsheviksReal QaedaFree
Flag of SUI Oliver MuvellFC ApartheidReal Qaeda1,500,000
Flag of BEL Mikel Ver VoerSlavic ScorpionsReal Qaeda1,400,000
Flag of BIH Ziva ZakopanaDarfur City FCReal Qaeda1,800,000
Flag of RUS Viktor TrenrivotaCF Cartel de EscobarSinn Féin FCFree
Flag of WAL Solomon GrundelForce Publique FCSinn Féin FCFree
Flag of KOR Chin Hung-ChuSC Manifest DestinySinn Féin FCFree
Flag of WAL Rhys GadaelFSV Blitzkrieg 43Sinn Féin FC1,000,000
Flag of ARG Javier PomeloForce Publique FCSinn Féin FCFree
Flag of IRN Rham PhothecaDaesh AtleticoCSKGB MoscowFree
Flag of IRN Khadi KhadeiniForce Publique FCSun City FCFree
Flag of ALB AleksariDrone Strikers FCSun City FCFree
Flag of ZAM Prosper ProsperityKim Jong Un-itedCSKGB MoscowFree
Flag of AUT Jimmy OozeFC Dixie 1963Sun City FC1,600,000
Flag of CUB Zino RobustoFC CastroSun City FC1,200,000
Flag of TUR Murat VermekFC SmallpoxSun City FCFree
Flag of ENG Stephen BaldcockWest Bank UnitedCSKGB Moscow1,350,000
Flag of SWE Jörgen TrevasonFC Spartak HamasCSKGB MoscowFree
Flag of ECU Sudo IbañezSporting GulagDarfur City FCFree
Flag of AUT Peter GussetFC JonestownDarfur City FCFree
Flag of GRE Stavros IdioktisiosCF InquisiciónDarfur City FCFree
Flag of FRA Gregory CocteauKhmer Rouge FCFC ApartheidFree
Flag of DEN Anders SpruntWest Bank UnitedDarfur City FC1,600,000
Flag of ENG Julian RingojonCS Tirani WallachiaDarfur City FCFree
Flag of ENG Cushman ArmitageWest Bank UnitedDarfur City FCFree
Flag of GHA Bernard TepiDrone Strikers FCFC ApartheidFree
Flag of CUB Gonzalo The Animal ChuckerFC TrumpFC ApartheidFree
Flag of CZE Erik SvazCS Tirani WallachiaFC ApartheidFree
Flag of ITA Federico FusioneAS CaligulaFC Apartheid1,100,000
Flag of USA Boyd SenburyFC Dixie 1963Slavic Scorpions1,300,000
Flag of VEN Gabi PeleagalloFC CastroSlavic ScorpionsFree
Flag of USA Rocky HatchIndependiente ManzanarSlavic Scorpions1,400,000
Flag of CAN Joe HitlerSC Manifest DestinySlavic ScorpionsFree
Flag of GRE Dimitri BulbousRed Terror BolsheviksSlavic ScorpionsFree
Flag of ALG Gabir DejeunerSporting GulagSlavic ScorpionsFree
Flag of COL Oscar PruebaVfL Kony 2012FC JonestownFree
Flag of RSA SchwaOdessa WanderersFC Jonestown1,500,000
Flag of GER Jonas TortenDrone Strikers FCFC JonestownFree
Flag of IRL Eisley BrothersCosa Nostra CalcioKhmer Rouge FCFree
Flag of ARG Lomo CarniceroVfL Kony 2012Khmer Rouge FC1,000,000
Flag of FIN Virta JirtanenAS CaligulaKhmer Rouge FCFree
Flag of JPN Kona IshikamiAC GaddafiFC TrumpFree
Flag of DEN Ulf GnaversenDarfur City FCFC TrumpFree
Flag of USA Stephen HoagrindDaesh AtleticoFC TrumpFree
Flag of POR Paulo LeoaguaFC JonestownFC TrumpFree
Flag of BUL Stefan SoskovFC SmallpoxFC TrumpFree
Flag of SCO Brant GrantIndependiente ManzanarCS Tirani Wallachia800,000
Flag of ENG Oliver NippleguardDarfur City FCCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of SCO RC IrnbruFC CastroCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of CHI Mateo AncianoOdessa WanderersCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of GEO Abraham KubrikadzeFC SmallpoxCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of COL Juan BalazoHugo Chávez FCCosa Nostra Calcio1,000,000
Flag of CAN Wade BalsamSlavic ScorpionsCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of BIH Amar SluzbenikFC Vlada ChernobylCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of MEX Baja FreshOdessa WanderersWest Bank UnitedFree
Flag of NGA Danny DrinknothingBlood Diamonds FCWest Bank United1,100,000
Flag of MEX Queso BlancoSouthern CondorsWest Bank United850,000
Flag of ENG Vivian-Smith Smythe-SmithSC Manifest DestinyWest Bank UnitedFree
Flag of ESP Ruben ChoqueSouthern CondorsAS Caligula900,000
Flag of CHN Xi Zhuang RuSporting GulagAS CaligulaFree
Flag of ITA Antonio RigatoniFC Tiananmen 89AS CaligulaFree
Flag of ESP Odoro CuentoForce Publique FCAS CaligulaFree
Flag of ISL Kristjan IbuanenFC Tiananmen 89AS CaligulaFree
Flag of ESP Montoro MortadoSouthern CondorsFC Torpedo Nagasaki1,000,000
Flag of JAM Jimi SalmonFC ApartheidFC Torpedo NagasakiFree
Flag of IRL Buddington DwyerBlood Diamonds FCFC Torpedo NagasakiFree
Flag of UKR Artem TorgetovskyActive Shooters Academy FCFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of CZE Ondrej BytovyFC Vlada ChernobylFC Dixie 1963800,000
Flag of USA Josh ChardonnayActive Shooters Academy FCFC Dixie 1963700,000
Flag of BUL Stoyan SuapmetVC SaigonFC Dixie 1963650,000
Flag of POL Iwo DutkaLokomotiv BuchenwaldFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of PAK Mendi MilpmoopDaesh AtleticoFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of NED Habbersett ScrappleDarfur City FCFC CastroFree
Flag of GRE Spiros AkragasFC Dixie 1963FC CastroFree
Flag of FRA Goofus GallantFSV Blitzkrieg 43FC CastroFree
Flag of ENG Chris VolkmireFC Spartak HamasFC CastroFree
Flag of MEX Guillermo LagartoDarfur City FCFC CastroFree
Flag of JPN Hiroyuki KakuCSKGB MoscowFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of BLS Fedor VyzyvanyaSporting GulagFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of BRA GakFC Tiananmen 89FC Vlada Chernobyl850,000
Flag of GER Alexander SchemakatzFC GenocideFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of RUS Artem VoynakovRed Terror BolsheviksFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of RUS Denis ObezyanaHugo Chávez FCFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of NED Ruben AfvalBlood Diamonds FCFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of HUN Samir BalzacFC Vlada ChernobylFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of ESP Diego ChepaFC CastroFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of EST Mark LapsevankerenActive Shooters Academy FCVfL Kony 2012Free
Flag of RSA Adam VoorwerpFC ApartheidVfL Kony 2012Free
Flag of USA Lewis GatesActive Shooters Academy FCVfL Kony 2012Free
Flag of GRE Horacio BoulderFC Torpedo NagasakiActive Shooters Academy FCFree
Flag of KOR Lee Oebu-KoFC Torpedo NagasakiActive Shooters Academy FCFree
Flag of MAR Ishak RatinNuclear ArsenalActive Shooters Academy FCFree
Flag of USA Dan ChargerWest Bank UnitedActive Shooters Academy FCFree
Flag of MEX Eric DoradoAS CaligulaActive Shooters Academy FCFree
Flag of POL Marek BolzebaSC Manifest DestinyIndependiente ManzanarFree
Flag of SCO Griff NickersSlavic ScorpionsIndependiente ManzanarFree
Flag of ENG Marcus ColbyFC Dixie 1963Independiente ManzanarFree
Flag of DEN Eric BackerVC SaigonIndependiente Manzanar750,000
Flag of NED Duu van LuiersVfL Kony 2012Independiente ManzanarFree
Flag of KOR Bong Je ChoeDrone Strikers FCEastern Traffickers FCFree
Flag of GHA Doctor PermissionBlood Diamonds FCEastern Traffickers FC850,000
Flag of ROU Nico RascumparAS CaligulaEastern Traffickers FCFree
Flag of USA AR MasonFC Dixie 1963Eastern Traffickers FCFree
Flag of USA Chuck BlazerIndependiente ManzanarSouthern CondorsFree
Flag of TUR Uçak KazasCosa Nostra CalcioSouthern CondorsFree
Flag of URU Miguel ViboraFC Tiananmen 89Southern CondorsFree
Flag of COL Arturo LongoHugo Chávez FCSouthern CondorsFree
Flag of USA Mark WhitacreFC Vlada ChernobylSouthern CondorsFree
Flag of ALG Farid ToujadiHugo Chávez FCBlood Diamonds FCFree
Flag of MEX Abbi MelocotonesHugo Chávez FCFSV Blitzkrieg 43800,000
Flag of BEL Peter VerlijkFC ApartheidFSV Blitzkrieg 43Free
Flag of LUX Damien NatronDaesh AtleticoOdessa WanderersFree
Flag of SRB Marko ZatvorenikSouthern CondorsBlood Diamonds FCFree
Flag of BEL Adam RellischCS Tirani WallachiaOdessa WanderersFree
Flag of IRL Finn CastleEastern Traffickers FCOdessa WanderersFree
Flag of USA Joe RococoFC TrumpHugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of AUS Tommie KinghitFC CastroHugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of ALG Nazim KharutumVC SaigonFSV Blitzkrieg 43Free
Flag of BUL Viktor BrachenBlood Diamonds FCFSV Blitzkrieg 43Free
Flag of DEN Anton HakketenEastern Traffickers FCFSV Blitzkrieg 43Free
Flag of TUR Kundak CilikDarfur City FCOdessa WanderersFree
Flag of HUN Patrik VazFSV Blitzkrieg 43Hugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of ITA Indo SatriceCosa Nostra CalcioHugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of FRA Marion LivermushFSV Blitzkrieg 43Hugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of ISL Robert VanillusEastern Traffickers FCVC SaigonFree
Flag of USA Blazia DeadhomieEastern Traffickers FCBlood Diamonds FCFree
Flag of POL Filip SufitowskiIndependiente ManzanarVC SaigonFree
Flag of MNE Vodi SkijanjeHugo Chávez FCVC SaigonFree
Flag of SRB Alex RaskidSouthern CondorsHugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of GRE Pyro HysteriaActive Shooters Academy FCBlood Diamonds FCFree
Flag of CZE Milos ProstredniOdessa WanderersBlood Diamonds FCFree

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