The squads for the inaugural League of Atrocities season are listed below, and are updated as of the start of the Spring 2015 season.

Premier Division

AC Gaddafi

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of ENGGKBartleby ActuaryInvited to tea with the queen on five occasions, tried to poison her every time
2Flag of SCODFErrol DougaltreeHeadbutted the pope
3Flag of ITADFAntonio RigatoniStopped acting like a stereotype for 24 hours, was imprisoned for 15 years
4Flag of JPNDFKona IshikamiMade August "Expose Yourself to the Elderly Month"
5Flag of ROUMFGregor NochituPassed a law allowing people to marry their computers, helped if they had pictures of people on screen
6Flag of BRADFBlackIncited very confusing race riots in Brazil
7Flag of IRLMFDoyle O'DoolinStone sober
8Flag of WALMFRobert HardySpent years studying the menstruation habits of coyotes
9Flag of GHAMFEE OuhahaAttempted to put curse on national soccer team, accidentally cursed and diseased entire population
10Flag of ITAFWDamiano SpazzaturaMade a mandatory minimum of reality television shows on national channels
11Flag of BELFWDietrich VaartMisunderstood, thought gas chambers meant flatulence
12Flag of UKRGKArtem TorgetovskyTurned national park into shooting gallery, didn't put up signs or tell tourists
13Flag of GERGKOtto HasardspielNearly declared bankruptcy after national lottery only had 8 numbers, too many winners
14Flag of JPNDFKuro BentsuSecretly collected bowel movements of entire nation in effort to manipulate market prices
15Flag of ITADFTommaso CrudoseccoBans all lube in order to boost olive oil sales
16Flag of ITADFVincenzo OnzipeTried to create his own language, turned out to be just Pig Latin
17Flag of NEDDFAlex DubbelEasily won position by defeating his alter ego in election
18Flag of POLDFPawel JedzeniakRemoved from power after trying to eat 47-page deposition
19Flag of SENMFSamson HailemariamTried to make reincarnation mandatory
20Flag of DENMFEric BackerVigilant "all or nothing" anti smoking campaign, either quit or literally choke on tobacco
21Flag of KORMFBang Dae-WooEmployed local homeless as crash test dummies
22Flag of ISLFWJesper AugurssonNationwide "eye for an eye" legal system overhaul makes 77% of entire population blind
23Flag of SVKFWTomas KlaunštrajkDressed up night shift police force in clown costumes

CF Inquisición

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of AUSGKJulian AssangeIs Julian Assange
2Flag of ESPMFManuel DischargeRefused to acknowledge the double L in the Spanish language
4Flag of ITADFMariano CarapozziRepurposed dead bodies as department store mannequins
6Flag of IRLDFEoin McInmyreDelivered weekly shipments of filth to meet requirements
7Flag of NIRMFIan MagoozinaryAmended national anthem to include the word "fuck" 12 times in first verse
8Flag of GREDFStavros KadabrosBecame a trained magician thinking he could make money appear with magic wand
9Flag of ARGFWSerg CavityFormer dentist who decided to make teeth the national currency
10Flag of CIVFWRoko ShamboPetitioned to make the national sport Groin Kicking
11Flag of SUIMFTim WesterbahnTurned emergency response service into personal chauffeur
13Flag of JPNDFMaguro MakimakiDolphin poaching got too expensive, so he used fat people instead
14Flag of ESPMFDiego PutamadreSingular cause for childhood obesity in Spain by force-feeding kids churros
15Flag of ITAFWPaolo PapavattiNamed Satan and Jesus as his political advisors
16Flag of USAFWNavi RodriguezPetitioned congress to declare an actual war on Christmas
17Flag of DENMFWilliam HesterHad an affair with a horse, affair was with woman
18Flag of ESPGKMontoro MortadoBuilt a Dia De Los Muerte corn maze that cause the death of 15 people
19Flag of BELDFThomas KostuumenWasted defense funding on superhero costumes for military
20Flag of KAZDFUlan ShtampovMade the official sport "punching baby animals" to surprising success
21Flag of GERGKIsaac DaumendruckAttached severed thumbs to amputees so they could provide fingerprints for identification
22Flag of GREMFStavros IdioktisiosEnacted a "licking things to claim them as your own" mandate
26Flag of AUSDFMichael AtkinsonAfter playing GTA for first time, made "everything legal" for 3 days
28Flag of ESPMFNiño NiñerosTo combat pedophile problem, create children's television network so whereabouts are known
29Flag of COLMFAntonio AmaroUsed cash for guns program to become world's seventh largest arms dealer
34Flag of ENGMFOscar McConnellBuilt amusement park dedicated solely to racism

FC Genocide

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
2Flag of CHIDFMiguel ChorizoLegalized cannibalism only if the victim's name resembled a food item
3Flag of ZIMDFRobert MugabeHe's Robert Mugabe
4Flag of CRODFTomas GoranKilled people in red/white checkered jerseys so he could have a picnic on a pile of corpses
5Flag of RUSMFAndrei GlopnikYou know the hunger games? Yeah he just went around on horseback killing homeless people.
6Flag of COLMFDidi CuestaDestroyed economy by using cocaine as flour in baking, insists this wasn't accidental
7Flag of ENGDFNigel PlopplyInsisted on teabagging everyone, once he learned what it meant
8Flag of HUNMFPatrik SzabolArrested for feeding the homeless… to each other
9Flag of ISLFWEdgar GrímsvötnVowed to name an active volcano as Prime Minister if he won the election
10Flag of SRBFWMarek TrapilovicDeveloped an elaborate Rube Goldberg machine for executions
12Flag of RUSDFAndrey TakinovTore down all national airports, opens all paved roads as runways for localized service
13Flag of SRBDFGoran OdvanjeCreated own subset of people in order to commit premeditated genocide
14Flag of KORMFYong-Sun PakHead of aviation commission, allowed children and the elderly to be stowed above seats in bins
15Flag of ECUMFRuben ExactoAccidentally constructed presidential palace in wrong country
16Flag of TURGKAk-Ak AkStaged a fake alien invasion to assert his global dominance
17Flag of NGAMFCommunity TheaterEnslaved thousands to send 419 scam faxes
18Flag of ROUFWDracu TepeșBrought in actual vampires to help with nationwide hospital blood shortage
19Flag of JPNFWAkira JisatsuMade all citizens sign a suicide pact for their 50th birthday
20Flag of POLFWJosef BrazniakAttempted to train military to live only on "the idea of food"
22Flag of CODDFDaktari OngobongWouldn’t stop calling himself and the country "Doctor Congo"
23Flag of GERGKAlexander SchemakatzIssued all citizens mandated email addresses, sends nothing but cat photos and chain letters
24Flag of HUNMFGabi PaprikaDeclared pepper spray the official greeting
25Flag of NGADFBestwishesDeveloped costly expansion plan because he thought wider roads could fix "sex trafficking"
26Flag of FRAMFRobert AnalkissLegalized smuggling of items, as long as it was done in person's pants

FC Khmer Rouge

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of JPNGKKornFormer pop star turned to life of crime
2Flag of CZEDFKristof JankovicHad all citizens teeth removed in attempt to boost economy
3Flag of DENDFStig BlergelsenFunded massive campaign to use person's own vomit as legal form of identification
4Flag of GEODFDunlap TargeetanFormer limo driver of the ayatollah
5Flag of SWEMFJohan LübSold lampshades to IKEA that weren't as advertised
6Flag of BULDFStefan SoskovPizza Hut executive who removed the P'Zone from the menu
7Flag of ZAMMFProsper ProsperityMinister of science, Consulted imaginary spirit world for every decision, gridlocked
8Flag of SVKFWMike EndomakanicEnacted the Praying Mantis rule, where the father must be decapitated and eaten after siring a child
9Flag of FRAMFGregory CocteauWon't stop calling his constituents "just to chat"
10Flag of NEDFWJohn HundemolAdded webcams to prison and turned it into a new Big Brother, evicted contestants caused crime to rise
11Flag of BRAFWCreamyTried to ban dancing from Carnaval after getting the idea from Footloose
12Flag of POLGKMateusz ZabawskiLegalized marriage to playground equipment and children's toys
13Flag of SWEDFJerke KönbergTried to blackmail his own wife with sex tape of the two of them
14Flag of JPNDFIsha KusomotoAll citizens required to provide stool sample, sample must be surgically removed
15Flag of FRADFDominique SangTried to give tax breaks for incest
16Flag of ESPMFIker EtañoDeclared all Basque territory suitable as public restroom
17Flag of CZEMFMarek OtřívecIn effort to "devalue currency", ordered everyone to wipe their ass with 100-euro notes
18Flag of ROUMFNico RascumparStaged fake ransom letters to United Nations in attempt to get aid
19Flag of COLMFDandoInstead of an annual food drive, encouraged people to donate to annual drug drive
20Flag of FINFWAron LevonenOrganized benefit and rally to raise money for citizens who want to leave Finland
21Flag of SWEFWFar KostrumMandatory uniform including crocs and boat shorts
22Flag of PORFWRicardo VibrãoChief of police who arrested people for "just giving off bad vibes, man"
23Flag of FINFWPaavo KannotenZero tolerance legal policy led to 82 littering decapitations

FC Kristallnacht

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of SVKGKPiotr HovoriticDetermined to deliver world's longest inauguration speech, people starved to death
2Flag of SVNDFBranislav SedemskaLowered legal driving age to 7
3Flag of USADFAP BrackettDeveloped a single elimination knockout tournament in order to award Social Security
4Flag of UGADFEadie AmenChanged official language of Uganda to belly-slapping, was changed back 3 days later
5Flag of GREDFAlex KapranosAbducted kids at polling stations when their parents didn't vote for him
6Flag of GERMFKlaus FeuerlöschenUpon his signing, broke glass all over Germany, stole 7,000 fire extinguishers
7Flag of FRAFWMarcel BleurveMade cuddling after sex illegal
8Flag of CROMFLucas AginmovicForced exile after accidentially building his presidential mansion in the wrong country
9Flag of FRAMFGerard PanierResponsible for countless deaths after limiting legal shopping hours to 2 hours a day
10Flag of ECUFWFrancisco TigrepeñaKept large collection of animal genitalia, turns out he was using it to smuggle drugs
11Flag of GERFWRichard NeinhoffWorked tirelessly to censor and remove Baywatch
12Flag of GHAGKAbraham DingudunguLegalized polygamy, then married every woman in the entire country
13Flag of BELGKMatt GehoorzenGovernment mandated 8-hour Simon Says game every Saturday
14Flag of GERDFBruno WirksamShortened each day to 21 hours and each week to 6 days
15Flag of GERDFAlbert DrafthausUsed a prohibition law to empty out his favorite bar
16Flag of GERMFDaniel FetischEndlessly hounds porn stars on Twitter
17Flag of NAMMFDorian EmusayPut entire country on lockdown due to gazelle invasion, lost 25% of country
18Flag of CZEMFKarel ZvraceStarted an international incident by vomiting on the carpet in the United Nations general assembly
19Flag of JPNMFTaka HikinikuLost hot dog eating contest, had entire field of opponents murdered
20Flag of POLFWJarek RazdwaskyAllowed government documents to leak because password was 12345
21Flag of ARGFWRico BasuraDeveloped failed plan to recycle raw sewage for nutrients, literally just fed people raw sewage
22Flag of NORFWTor KjellbergInstituted "if you die in the game, you die in real life" law to violent video games
23Flag of BULFWZahari LukatosWas elected by having name picked out of hat

Force Publique FC

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of NORGKGunnar RagnarokGave everyone viking funerals, dead or not
2Flag of SUIDFMarco SchippzingerCombated online piracy with purchases of cannons
3Flag of ARGDFJavier PomeloStarted a continent wide citrus smuggling ring
4Flag of CANDFWade SorrieBrutally tortured and maimed thousands, apologized afterwards
5Flag of JPNMFKo KandaFailed inventor of child vending machine, too many suffocated
6Flag of AUTMFJan DangermausMade every college student in Austria double major in art history and English, dooming economy
7Flag of ENGDFJulian RingojonYoko Ono was the only person allowed to sing the national anthem
8Flag of BELMFRobbe MelcherDestroyed what once was a working national postal service by attempting to ship spoiled food & mud
9Flag of GHAFWSigmund AbbadabboHad an affair with a snake, lonely at the top
10Flag of BRAFWElmoLegalized betting on local gang wars
11Flag of WALFWSolomon GrundelPopulation control by forcing newborns to live entire life in one week
12Flag of MEXGKJuanito JuarezYou didn't think all those drug busts in Mexico were being confiscated, did you?
13Flag of BELDFThomas OntbijtSent himself to prison for "playing God" when trying to create pancake-waffle hybrid
14Flag of FRAMFMikel MenagerieKept silent as he was appointed to high courts because a spelling error
15Flag of IRNMFKhadi KhadeiniReplaced all weapons with cardboard versions, was promptly invaded
16Flag of TURMFOyun CulukHired reenactors to convince enemies that they were already at war and losing
17Flag of ESPMFOdoro CuentoSuccessfully registered and accounted for every toilet in the country
18Flag of KENMFSamuel RunawangaMarathon runner who eluded cops on 5 different 26.2-mile chases
19Flag of FRAFWJustin VouyonUsed drones mostly for spying on people having sex in their homes
20Flag of BULFWMartin NovotnyGained presidency, seceded entire country but kept the name
21Flag of ANGFWFeitiçaoClaimed witchcraft as reason for attempted genocide
22Flag of GREFWNico VaromikosArrested children based on tidiness of their rooms
23Flag of PORFWLuis SolteiroOrdered entire country to get divorced, outlawed marriage until he found the right person

Kim Jong Un-ited

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of CZEGKRobert SplatkaFunded bridges over picturesque concrete to encourage suicide tourism
2Flag of CHIGKOscar De SombraTried to block the sun to toughen up nation's dependency on natural light
3Flag of CANDFTerrence FordMade it illegal to carry brightly colored balloons
4Flag of BRADFRaptorStarted hiring kidnappers posing as cab drivers as actual cab drivers due to union strike
5Flag of AUSDFMalcolm BlortJob creation by forcing all violent sports broadcasts to be accompanied by hilarious sound effects
6Flag of NEDDFJan BoeksmanAnyone with a criminal record is forced to wear a box on their head
7Flag of MARMFFez RongliReally trying to campaign for Kony 2016, doesn't get that it's not an election
9Flag of IRLFWDeclan McCormickIn honor of St. Patrick's Day, introduced new food product, Soylent Green beer
10Flag of KORMFYoung Hong JoSpent military funding on government-sponsored boy band
11Flag of UKRMFIgor PorkaevCapital punishment involved getting your last request while being thrown off a cliff
13Flag of NEDMFChristian De KockDesigned new national seal that looked far too much like a penis and balls
14Flag of PORMFCricetoReplaced prison system with giant hamster balls for all convicts
15Flag of FRAMFEric MouchardDiseased countless people by trying to recreate a rat kitchen from the movie Ratatouille
16Flag of PORFWJoao NataçãoSet up labor camps to punish kids for not waiting 30 minutes after eating to go swimming
17Flag of CMRDFBloo BlahUsed business background to attempt to merge with 3 neighboring countries, seen as an invasion
18Flag of TURFWYilmaz CezaviTurned prison into zoo-like exhibit, allows patrons to feed prisoners
20Flag of USAMFBrett SchurtzSold cheaper government-issued versions of girl scout cookies
22Flag of GERGKJulian MundenbachChanged national anthem to 25 seconds of gargling mouthwash
23Flag of GERDFIvan WöchigeTo increase efficiency, forced all bowel movements to happen in one annual week-long festival
24Flag of PRKDFChang Nam BakIn charge of changing sports results to please supreme leader
27Flag of ESPFWAlvaro Dos SemanasGot himself elected by deceiving constituents he had 2 weeks to live
28Flag of SWEMFJörgen TrevasonInstituted premium hospital service for "not being fondled while under anesthesia"
29Flag of KORDFChin Hung-ChuDue to fried chicken lobbyists, instituted $10 dollar minimum Fried Chicken Fried-days

Lokomotiv Buchenwald

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of FINGKReko HoistonenMade piggyback rides the only mode of transportation
2Flag of POLDFMariusz DembinskiTried to boost housing industry by offering free corpse of former resident with sale
3Flag of ITAMFFilippo MatematicoDeveloped a new counting system using furniture instead of numbers
4Flag of RUSDFRoman BerezinGave bears the right to vote
5Flag of SCOMFAngus BurlapResearched using various animal stomachs as methods of contraception
6Flag of ENGMFTerrance MoistTried to start another Falkland Islands skirmish by himself, murdered 17
7Flag of ARGMFSebastian PlarazziInvited the press over, only to savagely assault them for invasion of privacy, did this five different times
8Flag of BELDFAdam VerkardenTook wrong turn on road trip, ended up getting elected to local government
9Flag of CIVFWBrappa DooLegalized poaching of humans for their ivory
10Flag of ROUFWDmitri RaducanTurned the presidential palace into a haunted house for Halloween, accidentally actually haunted it
11Flag of POLFWPiotr LublaborkDeveloped first ever all mesh aircraft carrier, killed 350 naval officers
12Flag of IRLGKGarrison DoverStarted first ever cliff-side drive-through casinos, led to exactly what you'd expect
13Flag of BELGKHerman TrappisteAdded subliminal messages during rally speeches, boosting sales in local beer
14Flag of USADFBoyd SenburyAnnexed an International House of Pancakes as its own country for 6 days, hostage situation
15Flag of RUSDFBoris PlachnikovOrders tear gas at all military funerals for proper mourning
16Flag of POLMFIwo DutkaTried to adopt swastika as national symbol, in order to "take it back"
17Flag of ITAMFGiovanni VaticanoResponsible for exhaustion death of countless priests after making them bless literally everything
18Flag of UKRMFMaxim PetrusFortified water supply with radioactive materials "for extra nutrients"
19Flag of AUTMFSimon KünstlerCensored all pornography and nudity by placing pictures of his own genitals in its place
20Flag of WALMFGareth CrotchmowHad self jailed for accidentally leading conspiracy group against own election
21Flag of SVKMFTomasz DvorakWas removed from ministry position for actually being Slovakian
22Flag of ECUMFSudo IbañezBuilt perspiration treatment plants to combat drought, turned into literal sweatshop
23Flag of ARGFWLomo CarniceroCreated "meat vegetables" to combat drought/crop shortage, raw meat made people sick

Nuclear Arsenal

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of RUSGKAlexei PistokovCountless 21-gun salutes led to deaths of hundreds of grieving citizens and military personnel
2Flag of NORDFNiell SpørkAte his way through the endangered animals exhibit in the national zoo
3Flag of ENGGKCarter FleshwoundMade it illegal to bring a knife to a gunfight, citing overcrowded hospitals
4Flag of NEDDFMatthew der KashenTried to get nation sponsored, "Taco Bell presents The Netherlands"
5Flag of ENGFWAshley ExecutivePrisoners were given option "cake or death"
6Flag of SCODFEnglish MannTired of being mistaken for English
7Flag of ITADFPaolo LiceversoLegalized gladiatorial combat once more as method of punishment
8Flag of BRAMFFantasioPassed laws allowing ghosts to vote, only count as 2/7 of a person
9Flag of ENGFWMartin BeagleTried to turn Westminster Abbey into Westminister Dog Show Abbey
10Flag of TURFWEmre TaşmakHas a bulldozer create new roads so he can avoid traffic
11Flag of NEDDFMorgan Van der PoopenTried to make country the leading exporter of excrement
13Flag of NEDMFRonald GoonkTried to make Holland leading producer of glue, killed every horse in the country
14Flag of DENDFMads SørensenServed entire congressional term from a hot air balloon
15Flag of ITAFWMario MalegiocoSent countless unskilled blue collar workers to rescue princesses in wrong castles
16Flag of GREGKAggro CraggroSpent entire military budget on giant obstacle course on borders
17Flag of SUIMFBlepp SatterTried to create a Ministry of Blatant Corruption, and it worked
18Flag of NORDFGregers GravlundGrave-robbing became official sport of Norway
19Flag of GHAFWBernard TepiDue to clean water shortage, encouraged nation to drink only boiling water
20Flag of GERFWFabian ScheissedeckerReplaced parliamentary election with longest bowel movement contest
21Flag of WALMFCosby HylltonRemoved asphalt from all roads, replaced with molded gelatin product
23Flag of CANFWWade BalsamAppointed three positions to people made entirely of wood
24Flag of MARFWIshak RatinErected stone with entire script of Ishtar in town square
25Flag of ENGMFGervaise Brook-HampsterSet entire parliament building on fire as April Fool's prank

Real Qaeda

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of ARGGKSergio ArmedicoDelivers vaccination with bullets and medical firing squads, came up with Ammo-nization
2Flag of BRADFLu'cretiaExiled for being the only person who bet on Germany to win the 2014 World Cup
3Flag of MEXDFAlberto RellenoHonors dead with annual taxidermy parade
4Flag of ISLDFViggo NüdlandBanned pants
5Flag of FRAMFAlain MalebouefOwned successful restaurant and hotel chain, hunted down and killed all slightly negative reviews
6Flag of PORMFFlavio LimaOpened up government-sponsored lemonade stand, shutting down all little kid enterprises
7Flag of ESPMFDamiano EspirituMade entire supreme court drop ecstacy before deliberations
8Flag of CZEMFPavel PrigOpened a national portrait gallery dedicated to hacked nudes of celebrities
9Flag of ESPFWRolando BolandoEnacted a church sponsored "Wife Swap for Jesus" program
10Flag of MEXFWTaco TacoScheduled a drug war in the middle of a Campeones de Liga game
11Flag of BRAMFRomaldinhoPosed as Ronaldinho on countless ruined humanitarian visits
12Flag of FRADFPatrice VelocroqueWon Tour de France in 2002 by carrying bikes on top of car
13Flag of USAGKAdam CarlsonDelivered tax refunds via hot air balloon and bag full of money
15Flag of TURDFHakan SlashRather than combat fan violence, built prison camps attached to all sports stadiums
16Flag of ITAMFDonato AnimattiInitially lost election to a fictional cartoon character, arranged assassination attempt
17Flag of GERDFLucas HerrlingerGave all school children head lice in order to help build up immunity
18Flag of ALGFWKarim HavidiSingle-handedly brought and spread AIDS to all of Algeria
19Flag of ESPMFDavid MuerzoMade breakfast illegal
20Flag of CMRDFEmmanuel BlomboForced men to grow clits through genetic mutation only to cut them off
22Flag of ESPMFNovio NuevohuevosWelfare program Breakfast by Mail, slid hundreds of fried eggs into envelopes
23Flag of BRAFWBocetaAppointed himself country's only gynecologist
25Flag of EGYFWZaki Al-AqripAll construction projects were "real life Minecraft", were actually "real life slavery"
26Flag of ARGGKJuan PeligrosoAfter 2 assassination attempts, declared himself on the endangered species list

Sinn Féin FC

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of SCOGKKristoff GoldenshirePlayed that Proclaimers song every morning as a 6am nationwide wake up call
3Flag of NZLDFLuke ButchmanA true Bushwacker, delivers mandatory punches to women's genitalia as part of new health care bill
5Flag of DENDFBrendt SmåkagardForce fed prisoners pounds and pounds of raw cookie dough
7Flag of ENGDFNigel Incubator-JonesAmended his country's health care by starting burial procedures of the not yet dead
9Flag of SUIFWChee SchweizelThought Swiss cheese was made by firing holes into cows
10Flag of ESPMFValentin TalamantesBought national broadcasting to only show programming that was "some ideas he was working on"
11Flag of IRLMFCormac UlyssesBecame best selling author by aggressively plagiarizing James Joyce
13Flag of FRAMFLaurent MontadonSpent scientific funding on cross-breeding animals by setting the mood ready for love
14Flag of ENGFWPaul ThompsonTried to breed remote operated combat chinchillas
15Flag of RSADFCargo DufresneTo combat prisoners escaping, built obstacle course that leads to neighboring countries
17Flag of AUSMFMarco StompeEx-Prime Minister who tried to institute "National Kick a Child in the Face Day"
18Flag of IRLMFFingal BlisterburnKilled dozens of midgets thinking they were leprechauns using rainbows to control weather patterns
19Flag of ENGDFOliver NippleguardPut armored guards at every gentleman's club in England
20Flag of RUSFWFeodor KlobbTaught bears to fire guns, barely survived a coup
21Flag of ISLMFFætur SvitissonMandated all people to smell like socks
22Flag of GERDFSimon GrabstubenInstalled new credit system, forced merchants to now accept threats on well-being as payment
23Flag of RUSMFPiotor PorcentovEconomic stimulus package "everything costs $5" plan
24Flag of ENGMFSim MastersMandated his entire constituency to get plastic surgery to look exactly like him
29Flag of SCODFSilan CooperInstalled half a day of quiet hours to get "some goddamn peace and quiet"
30Flag of IRLMFFinn O'TooleBroadcast naked photos of himself 24 hours on Christmas day
31Flag of ENGGKPackie ShoresTried to outsource his own government overseas
34Flag of FRAMFYves BonamuseForced all food in town to be administered via IV
39Flag of CMRMFFofa FafanaDeclared hiccups to be demonic possession, killed all with hiccups

Sun City FC

No. Pos. Player Why They Are Terrible People
1Flag of RSAGKBenny RadiogagaHired unskilled laborers to actually build the world's largest sinkhole
2Flag of AUTDFRu OssieTired of being confused of being Australian
3Flag of RSADFGeorges RhinoknifeAffixed weaponry to all animals in order to make them a deadly killing species, horribly backfired
4Flag of VIEDFCheung Kee SooUsed Rambo films to train soldiers, leading to 70% depletion of military force
5Flag of ITADFUmberto PavoniEncouraged farting in the Vatican
6Flag of BRAMFRustyForced all midgets to assume one identity per two people, with trenchcoat on each other's shoulders
7Flag of RUSFWVladimir KartofelOwner of Vladimir Poutine
8Flag of LIEMFToby RickenbachAccidentally killed 74 extras while filming tourism video
9Flag of NGAMFJoseph HubbabubbaKidnapped dozens of Americans in New York City looking for a bride
10Flag of IRLFWNick McCarthyCreated 1:1 replica of entire city so he could play Sim City with real life
11Flag of MEXFWNacho SucioSolved farming problem by defecating in the water supply, made thousands ill
12Flag of NEDGKWillem ver ZwarteTreated life-saving immunizations for children like Black Friday sales
13Flag of ENGGKBartleby WeeblewobbleAllowed parents to declare unruly children as terrorists
14Flag of LTUDFRamunas MiskinivusAttempted to have entire government classified as a religion, unaware there were no tax breaks
15Flag of RUSDFMiron KolanoffMade it illegal for himself to die
16Flag of NEDDFKlaas van ZessenEmployed homeless population as Santa Claus characters to invade Dutch family's homes
17Flag of AUSMFLarry MahinaInvented weather controlling device, accidentally destroyed 30% of country with meteors
18Flag of FRAMFGilbert de PussoisAfter winning mayoral race, erected an eight-foot real working vagina on losing candidate's lawn
19Flag of AUTMFBart SchnurrbartenOutlawed all facial hair
20Flag of PORMFJoao AgressioLocked up all registered sex offender in one elementary boarding school
21Flag of SUIMFPhillip TrensprungerTransportation minister, offered discount tickets to ride on top of train
22Flag of ARGFWSergio GranadaRemoved from power after unsuccessful "One grenade for every newborn" campaign promise
23Flag of USAFWTJ RibletteShut down all restaurants in county except Applebee's, mandatory APPZ lines

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