This is a list of all football transfers for the window preceding the LOA 2016 Summer Tournament. This list includes moves made by all 46 teams from the LOA 2016 Championship and also the LOA 2016 Lower Divisions.

The transfer window began on Friday, May 27, 2016, and closed on Monday, June 6, 2016. Technically, it starts at the end of the previous season. The window would have been open longer, but Bryan would have also gone insane if he didn't stop moving players around.

Players without a club may join at any time. Clubs may be permitted to sign a goalkeeper on an emergency loan if they have no registered goalkeeper available, or if all of their goalkeepers get arrested or sent to solitary confinement.

For this season, teams must reduce their rosters to 18 players. Due to this ruling, there are three parts to the transfer window, as a significant number of players will be made free agents, and signed after 18-man rosters are decided.


All transfers are active for the LOA 2016 tournament, and all deals are done in cigarettes (though noted by $). Free transfers occur when the transfer target was no longer under contract with his former club. Undisclosed fees did not publicize fees. Swap deals occur when two teams agree to swap players with no monetary fee.

Date Name Moving from Moving to Fee
Flag of GER Richard NeinhoffFC KristallnachtReal QaedaFree
Flag of SVN Damijan TruplovicCSKGB MoscowNuclear Arsenal850,000
Flag of UGA Eadie AmenFC KristallnachtAC Gaddafi1,300,000
Flag of CHI Miguel ChorizoFC GenocideFC KristallnachtFree
Flag of IRL Finn O'TooleSinn Féin FCFC Genocide700,000
Flag of BRA Lu'cretiaReal QaedaSun City FC550,000
Flag of NED Klaas van ZessenSun City FCReal Qaeda1,400,000
Flag of BEL Boo VehementlySporting GulagSC Manifest Destiny600,000
Flag of ITA Andrea CastratoFC SmallpoxForce Publique FC750,000
Flag of NGA Getlost MasambaDarfur City FCFC Smallpox550,000
Flag of ARG Serg CavityCF InquisiciónFC KristallnachtFree
Flag of FRA Laurent ManeseFC JonestownCF Inquisición2,200,000
Flag of GER Fabian ScheissedeckerNuclear ArsenalLokomotiv Buchenwald1,850,000
Flag of NED Morgan van der PoopenNuclear ArsenalReal Qaeda1,300,000
Flag of ITA Mario MalegiocoNuclear ArsenalSC Manifest Destiny750,000
Flag of POR Kris AndadeSlavic ScorpionsForce Publique FCFree
Flag of SVK Tomas KlaunštrajkAC GaddafiKim Jong Un-ited3,000,000
Flag of POR Joao NataçãoKim Jong Un-itedSinn Féin FCFree
Flag of MEX Taco TacoReal QaedaFC Smallpox1,350,000
Flag of RSA Robert SkietmaanFC ApartheidFC GenocideFree
Flag of NZL Luke ButchmanSinn Féin FCKim Jong Un-ited800,000
Flag of LTU Marijus UzgaidaFC SmallpoxForce Publique FCFree
Flag of ITA Tommaso CrudoseccoAC GaddafiFC SmallpoxFree
Flag of WAL Alex SarhadSC Manifest DestinyCSKGB Moscow500,000
Flag of RSA Benny RadiogagaSun City FCCSKGB MoscowFree
Flag of SVN Andraz SeskanjeSlavic ScorpionsFC Spartak Hamas900,000
Flag of POL Mariusz DembinskiLokomotiv BuchenwaldSinn Féin FCFree
Flag of DEN Jon BryllupsenFC Spartak HamasLokomotiv Buchenwald800,000
Flag of PER Fuzzie MohawkDarfur City FCKhmer Rouge FC650,000
Flag of FRA Philippe ChanteurDarfur City FCFC Spartak Hamas1,050,000
Flag of ENG Carter FleshwoundNuclear ArsenalKhmer Rouge FCFree
Flag of KAZ Ulan ShtampovCF InquisiciónDrone Strikers FC850,000
Flag of BRA LeftoversFC ApartheidReal Qaeda1,600,000
Flag of ESP Novio NuevohuevosReal QaedaFC KristallnachtFree
Flag of POL Mateusz ZabawskiKhmer Rouge FCSun City FCFree
Flag of ENG Packie ShoresSinn Féin FCVfL Kony 2012Free
Flag of RUS Miron KolanoffSun City FCCSKGB Moscow825,000
Flag of SWE Jo MiljössonDarfur City FCCSKGB MoscowFree
Flag of MOZ Tafari SitatungaSlavic ScorpionsKhmer Rouge FC600,000
Flag of BRA GallbladderKhmer Rouge FCFC Apartheid850,000
Flag of BRA Montoyia SwillingDarfur City FCFC Apartheid720,000
Flag of BIH Aleksander SpavanjeRed Terror BolsheviksFC ApartheidFree
Flag of DEN Kresten DukkeFC SmallpoxNuclear Arsenal1,450,000
Flag of CAN Torey VestibuleFC ApartheidFC Jonestown650,000
Flag of FRA Mikel MenagerieForce Publique FCCF Cartel de EscobarFree
Flag of BLS DaliokasicRed Terror BolsheviksCF Cartel de EscobarFree
Flag of ECU Felipe ViciadoCF Cartel de EscobarDarfur City FCFree
Flag of ECU Ruben ExactoFC GenocideReal Qaeda1,150,000
Flag of GRE Theas BorgFC Spartak HamasAC Gaddafi1,300,000
Flag of KOR Han Ja-DongSporting GulagSun City FC770,000
Flag of ISL Jesper AugurssonAC GaddafiFC Genocide550,000
Flag of GRE Dimitri BulbousFC JonestownRed Terror BolsheviksFree
Flag of AUT Peter GussetDarfur City FCFC Jonestown600,000
Flag of CIV Florent FabriqueFC SmallpoxAC Gaddafi900,000
Flag of ARM Karek NerdroghFC Spartak HamasCF InquisiciónFree
Flag of KOR Park Yeol-SeSC Manifest DestinyCF InquisiciónFree
Flag of ENG Oliver St. John-MolluscSlavic ScorpionsFC KristallnachtFree
Flag of ROU Dracu TepeșFC GenocideCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of BEL Christopher DriewielerFC ApartheidKim Jong Un-ited1,000,000
Flag of ENG Paul ThompsonSinn Féin FCDarfur City FCFree
Flag of RSA Solomon BebesplitCF Cartel de EscobarSinn Féin FC650,000
Flag of TUR Emre TaşmakSinn Féin FCKhmer Rouge FC700,000
Flag of VEN Caye TocinoCF Cartel de EscobarSinn Féin FC680,000
Flag of UKR Olek SpalyuvanyaCSKGB MoscowSun City FCFree
Flag of POR Joao AgressioSun City FCFC Spartak Hamas750,000
Flag of RSA Georges RhinoknifeSun City FCFC Spartak HamasFree
Flag of SWE Jörgen TrevasonSlavic ScorpionsFC Spartak HamasFree
Flag of BEL Joel BorstvoedenSporting GulagFC ApartheidFree
Flag of POR Luis AfogadoSC Manifest DestinySun City FC1,200,000
Flag of NZL Brendan MarenaSporting GulagSun City FC670,000
Flag of BUL Stefan SoskovKhmer Rouge FCFC SmallpoxFree
Flag of COL Didi CuestaFC GenocideRed Terror BolsheviksFree

Free Agent Signings

During this transfer window, when a team has their roster of 18 players, they can end their transfer activity. At this time, any unsigned players with expired contracts are now considered free agents. In addition, any players still under contract, but not on the 18-man roster, are released from their contracts at no expense, and are also considered free agents.

Players in the list below were signed from teams after the player's former club locked in their roster.

Date Name Former Club Moving to Fee
Flag of CAN Wade SorrieForce Publique FCCF InquisiciónFree
Flag of AUT Adrian EhrwurmFC JonestownNuclear ArsenalFree
Flag of FRA Patrice VelocroqueReal QaedaKim Jong Un-itedFree
Flag of IRL Garrison DoverLokomotiv BuchenwaldSinn Féin FCFree
Flag of ENG Chris VolkmireFC JonestownFC Spartak HamasFree
Flag of IRL Declan McCormickKim Jong Un-itedFC ApartheidFree
Flag of BRA RaptorKim Jong Un-itedSC Manifest DestinyFree
Flag of SEN Samson HailemariamAC GaddafiSun City FCFree
Flag of BUL Miroslav GlavaRed Terror BolsheviksSinn Féin FCFree
Flag of ALG Karim HavidiReal QaedaSinn Féin FCFree
Flag of DEN Brendt SmåkagardSinn Féin FCKhmer Rouge FCFree
Flag of LIE Toby RickenbachSun City FCKhmer Rouge FCFree
Flag of USA AP BrackettFC KristallnachtKhmer Rouge FCFree
Flag of BUL Zahari LukatosFC KristallnachtDrone Strikers FCFree
Flag of ESP David MuerzoReal QaedaCF Cartel de EscobarFree
Flag of ITA Giovanni VaticanoLokomotiv BuchenwaldCSKGB MoscowFree
Flag of IRL HR BlockFC SmallpoxCSKGB MoscowFree
Flag of AUT Ru OssieKhmer Rouge FCCSKGB MoscowFree
Flag of CZE Pavel PrigSinn Féin FCSlavic ScorpionsFree
Flag of FIN Aron LevonenKhmer Rouge FCDarfur City FCFree
Flag of POR Luis SolteiroForce Publique FCSporting GulagFree
Flag of EGY Sami FarrodFC JonestownDarfur City FCFree
Flag of ENG Oliver NippleguardSinn Féin FCDarfur City FCFree
Flag of KOR Young Hong JoKim Jong Un-itedSlavic ScorpionsFree
Flag of ENG Martin BeagleNuclear ArsenalSlavic ScorpionsFree
Flag of NAM Dorian EmusayFC KristallnachtSlavic ScorpionsFree
Flag of POL Pawel JedzeniakAC GaddafiSporting GulagFree
Flag of NIR Ian MagoozinaryCF InquisiciónSporting GulagFree

Expansion Assignment

Due to the expansion of the League of Atrocities to nearly double, from 24 to 46 teams, and the decrease in roster size to 18 players, there were many players from the existing LOA teams that were released from their contracts, and became free agents, to be picked up by the new 22 teams.

The final stage of the transfer window involved the 118 unsigned players being assigned to new teams.

Date Name Former Club Moving to Fee
Flag of UKR Artem TorgetovskyAC GaddafiActive Shooters AcademyFree
Flag of ITA Antonio RigatoniAC GaddafiFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of WAL Robert HardyAC GaddafiCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of ESP Montoro MortadoReal QaedaSouthern CondorsFree
Flag of GER Lucas HerrlingerReal QaedaFC TrumpFree
Flag of ITA Donato AnimattiReal QaedaCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of ESP Damiano EspirituReal QaedaFC CastroFree
Flag of USA Boyd SenburyLokomotiv BuchenwaldFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of BEL Adam VerkardenLokomotiv BuchenwaldFC TrumpFree
Flag of WAL Gareth CrotchmowLokomotiv BuchenwaldDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of ARG Lomo CarniceroLokomotiv BuchenwaldVfL Kony 2012Free
Flag of POL Piotr LublaborkLokomotiv BuchenwaldFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of AUS Michael AtkinsonCF InquisiciónFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of ESP Niño NiñerosCF InquisiciónFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of DEN William HesterCF InquisiciónActive Shooters AcademyFree
Flag of ENG Oscar McConnellCF InquisiciónFC Torpedo NagasakiFree
Flag of ITA Paolo PapavattiCF InquisiciónCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of SVK Piotr HovoriticFC KristallnachtVC SaigonFree
Flag of FRA Gerard PanierFC KristallnachtFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of GER Daniel FetischFC KristallnachtFSV Blitzkrieg 43Free
Flag of ARG Rico BasuraFC KristallnachtSouthern CondorsFree
Flag of BRA RustySun City FCFC TrumpFree
Flag of DEN Eric BackerSun City FCVC SaigonFree
Flag of MEX Nacho SucioSun City FCFC Torpedo NagasakiFree
Flag of RUS Vladimir KartofelSun City FCDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of USA TJ RibletteSun City FCCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of IRL Nick McCarthySun City FCBlood Diamonds FCFree
Flag of CAN Terrence FordKim Jong Un-itedFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of AUS Malcolm BlortKim Jong Un-itedDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of UKR Igor PorkaevKim Jong Un-itedWest Bank UnitedFree
Flag of USA Brett SchurtzKim Jong Un-itedFC TrumpFree
Flag of MAR Fez RongliKim Jong Un-itedVfL Kony 2012Free
Flag of ESP Alvaro Dos SemanasKim Jong Un-itedHugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of ENG Julian RingojonNuclear ArsenalCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of ITA Vincenzo OnzipeNuclear ArsenalWest Bank UnitedFree
Flag of IRL Doyle O'DoolinNuclear ArsenalEastern Traffickers FCFree
Flag of HUN Patrik SzabolFC GenocideCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of HUN Gabi PaprikaFC GenocideDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of KOR Yong-Sun PakFC GenocideFC CastroFree
Flag of ARG Sergio GranadaFC GenocideFC TrumpFree
Flag of SCO Kristoff GoldenshireSinn Féin FCAS CaligulaFree
Flag of RSA Cargo DufresneSinn Féin FCFC Torpedo NagasakiFree
Flag of IRL Cormac UlyssesSinn Féin FCOdessa WanderersFree
Flag of SUI Chee SchweizelSinn Féin FCSouthern CondorsFree
Flag of USA Rocky HatchSC Manifest DestinyIndependiente ManzanarFree
Flag of POR David SujeicaoSC Manifest DestinyIndependiente ManzanarFree
Flag of USA Stephen HoagrindSC Manifest DestinyDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of CRC Antonio PescadoSC Manifest DestinyFC CastroFree
Flag of RSA Akua ParfuumSC Manifest DestinyFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of FIN Jari LapioSC Manifest DestinyVC SaigonFree
Flag of MEX Eric DoradoFC SmallpoxAS CaligulaFree
Flag of ROU Sander InchipuitFC SmallpoxIndependiente ManzanarFree
Flag of URU Globo MojadoFC SmallpoxDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of JPN Masafumi OtoFC SmallpoxFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of AUS Adam MonieFC SmallpoxFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of GEO Dunlap TargeetanKhmer Rouge FCVfL Kony 2012Free
Flag of ESP Iker EtañoKhmer Rouge FCWest Bank UnitedFree
Flag of ARG Sebastian PlarazziKhmer Rouge FCFC TrumpFree
Flag of ROU Nico RascumparKhmer Rouge FCAS CaligulaFree
Flag of COL DandoKhmer Rouge FCCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of SWE Far KostrumKhmer Rouge FCFC Torpedo NagasakiFree
Flag of FIN Paavo KannotenKhmer Rouge FCAS CaligulaFree
Flag of POR Ricardo VibrãoKhmer Rouge FCFSV Blitzkrieg 43Free
Flag of RUS Nikolai UstinovForce Publique FCOdessa WanderersFree
Flag of BEL Thomas OntbijtForce Publique FCFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of JPN Ko KandaForce Publique FCFC TrumpFree
Flag of ANG FeitiçaoForce Publique FCSouthern CondorsFree
Flag of ITA Massimo ScoppiareSlavic ScorpionsCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of UKR Yuri SvetitsovSlavic ScorpionsFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of DEN Niklas KlipningSlavic ScorpionsFC CastroFree
Flag of LVA Robin KautinsSlavic ScorpionsIndependiente ManzanarFree
Flag of FRA Charles La FollesRed Terror BolsheviksWest Bank UnitedFree
Flag of PER Alex CeleradoRed Terror BolsheviksFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of HUN Patrik VazRed Terror BolsheviksFSV Blitzkrieg 43Free
Flag of RUS Pavel OpushenkovRed Terror BolsheviksAS CaligulaFree
Flag of CRO Niko ZivizicFC ApartheidFC TrumpFree
Flag of GRE Spiros AkragasFC ApartheidFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of ROU Caz UrgentaFC ApartheidOdessa WanderersFree
Flag of USA Lewis GatesFC ApartheidActive Shooters AcademyFree
Flag of HUN Samir BalzacFC ApartheidFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of GHA Abraham DingudunguCSKGB MoscowBlood Diamonds FCFree
Flag of EGY Tu TombaCSKGB MoscowEastern Traffickers FCFree
Flag of BFA Haha MurabeCSKGB MoscowDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of UZB Aziz HaydovchievCSKGB MoscowFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of IRL Jameson BallantineCSKGB MoscowAS CaligulaFree
Flag of BRA Marcos SobreCSKGB MoscowFC Torpedo NagasakiFree
Flag of ENG Marcus ColbyCSKGB MoscowFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of COL Hugo PuréCSKGB MoscowCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of EQG Kofa AmiriCSKGB MoscowWest Bank UnitedFree
Flag of ISL Ingvard SnjossonCSKGB MoscowVfL Kony 2012Free
Flag of POL Karel BluznierskiCF Cartel de EscobarVC SaigonFree
Flag of FRA Marion LivermushCF Cartel de EscobarFSV Blitzkrieg 43Free
Flag of AUS Tommie KinghitCF Cartel de EscobarFC CastroFree
Flag of EGY Ali ViudaCF Cartel de EscobarFC Torpedo NagasakiFree
Flag of CRO Nikša DaroviCF Cartel de EscobarDaesh AtleticoFree
Flag of ITA Gio AnnullatoDarfur City FCHugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of CZE Matej SilastrazeDarfur City FCSouthern CondorsFree
Flag of KSA Abdul SacaraDarfur City FCCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of URU Miguel ViboraDarfur City FCFC Tiananmen 89Free
Flag of MEX Mati StimulandoDrone Strikers FCFSV Blitzkrieg 43Free
Flag of GRE Alex KapranosDrone Strikers FCVfL Kony 2012Free
Flag of TUR Uçak KazasDrone Strikers FCCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of USA Mark WhitacreDrone Strikers FCFC Vlada ChernobylFree
Flag of GRE Antoni OrcheisDrone Strikers FCHugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of NOR Tor BrannstiftDrone Strikers FCBlood Diamonds FCFree
Flag of AUS Mark AnkabiteDrone Strikers FCEastern Traffickers FCFree
Flag of NGA Korowai KolufoFC JonestownFC CastroFree
Flag of EST Rando KangroFC JonestownWest Bank UnitedFree
Flag of GRE Tiktik PapalazarouFC Spartak HamasEastern Traffickers FCFree
Flag of ALG Farid ToujadiFC Spartak HamasHugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of SCO Taylor PorkrollFC Spartak HamasActive Shooters AcademyFree
Flag of CZE Erik SvazFC Spartak HamasCS Tirani WallachiaFree
Flag of AUS Mikey BraggardFC Spartak HamasAS CaligulaFree
Flag of ECU Xavi PapalunaFC Spartak HamasCosa Nostra CalcioFree
Flag of SCO Rory GardnerFC Spartak HamasBlood Diamonds FCFree
Flag of MAR Tayeb TeberiukSporting GulagHugo Chávez FCFree
Flag of CZE Miku VykalySporting GulagFC Dixie 1963Free
Flag of CZE Milos ProstredniSporting GulagOdessa WanderersFree

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