The following is a list of all current and former cars that have competed in the Diddler Cup Racing Series.

Cars are identified by their registered car number, and instances where a new number has been registered to the same car have been indicated. Since the 2018 season was the first to introduce racing teams, any team listed without a year started its association in 2018. Independent teams without a year began in 2017. All current and former drivers of the car are also included.

Current Diddler Cup cars

00Paul Walker
Morris Mayfield (2017)
FordNihilist Arby'sSbubby Mortports2017
1Vitaly KryptovDodgeGreybitsMatryoshka Inc.2018
2Nikolai the Soviet Driving BearDodgeRUSSIAN BEARS 2 UMatryoshka Inc.2018
4Giaccomo GiaccomoFordKISSWar Machine Racing2017
8Jeff Gordon the HorseChevyGUNKIndependent2017
9Stumpy LaneChevyGumBoozeDixie Wimmer Inc.2017
10Mr. Naga's Most Glorious DriverToyotaMost Glorious Mr. Naga/KUMITEMost Glorious Motorsports2017
11Smiley van Vuuren
Jim Blossoms (2017)
FordKFC "I Ate The Bones"Sbubby Mortports2017
13542 NormanDodgeFlorida Georgia LimeSouth Tucson Youth Motorsports2018
15Kevin Boughner-PillmanChevyDongerex InjectiPenSlapDong Corporate Racing2017
21Cobb Salad
B.D. Joseph (2017)
Pontiac (2017)
LegalBetForRealMoney.govATF/Bureau Racing2017
22Bowie JessupToyota
Dodge (2017)
HCLMost Glorious Motorsports2017
27Agent Toby KeithFordThroat Candy Tobacco LozengesATF/Bureau Racing2018
28Ennio SporiniDodgeWall To Wall SalveSouth Tucson Youth Motorsports2017
32Rickie WaltonPontiacTemecula DirtHTE BASMET Racing2017
33Reverend PastorchavezToyota
Dodge (2017)
Yes! Convenience Mart
Christ Punch (2017)
Most Glorious Motorsports2017
35Paul AlcoholFordBathhouse Jim's Bathtub GinWar Machine Racing2017
38Jeff ChineseChevyJeff's ChineseIndependent2017
40Jean-Paul HenryChevyLudger Beer BombsDixie Wimmer Inc.2017
41Jim Blossoms
Richard Blood (2017)
FordPlasma TrainIndependent2017
47Joe-Jon WinchesterFordJust GunsATF/Bureau Racing2017
51Richard BloodChevyBOXAWYNEDixie Wimmer Inc.2018
55Bucky DewshineFordTaco BacoSbubby Mortports2018
60Big Daddy ThibodeauxDodgeTucsonadeSouth Tucson Youth Motorsports2017
69Morris Mayfield
Otto Bahn (2017)
75El Matador Toto RosannaPontiac
Dodge (2017)
Air SupplyHTE BASMET Racing2017
81Fat DarrylPontiacAll The Ham
RU Hungry Grease Trucks (as #66, 2017)
(Adjective) Foods2017
82Harry GuntPontiac
Dodge (2017)
Butterfield Diet (as #87, 2017)
(Adjective) Foods2017
83Doug PorkPontiacGood Gravy(Adjective) Foods2018
90Petrol TopovDodgeDmitri's Russian Roulette Laser TagMatryoshka Inc.2018
99DIRK Tanaka
Elmer Twist (2017)
Pontiac (2017)
SlapMartSlapDong Corporate Racing2017
103Wooba BallyPontiacHugger OrangesIndependent2017

Inactive cars

No.DriverManufacturerSponsorTeamYears Active
2Paul WalkerChevyBOXAWYNEN/A2017
12Rusty ArkanaDodgeLOAN/A2017
17Cotton StuffbodyFordTaxidermy WOW!N/A2017
20Burt McKitchenPontiacSlip's Red Hot PizzaN/A2017
25Jasper CuttysarkChevyThroat Candy Tobacco LozengesN/A2017
44Blind Bob McGeeChevyThe Molested Pig BBQN/A2017
49Rusty ArkanaDodgeRoadblockN/A2017
90Jimmy PootsDodgeFilthy BoysN/A2017

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