The following is a list of tracks which have hosted a Diddler Cup race from its first year, 2017, through the 2018 season.

TrackMilesConfig.LocationFirst SeasonMost Recent
# Races
The Actual Roads of South Tucson12.8-mileRoad CourseSouth Tucson, Arizona201720183
Diddler Motor Speedway0.75-mileOvalSouth Tucson, Arizona201720182
Richard Petty Driving Experience2.5-mileTri-OvalDaytona Beach, Florida201720182
Alternate Right Turn Speedway2.933-mileReverse OvalStone Mountain, Georgia201820182
Too Far Speedway1.92-mile5-turn Stunt TrackTulsa, Oklahoma201720182
ABBA: The Racetrack2.6-mileKidney-shaped OvalThe City of Europe201720182
Desolate Ellipse2.0-mileCircleHell, Michigan201720182
Crystal Meth Speedway2.58-mileOvalLOC201820182
WCW Hog Wild 1996 Speedway at Sturgis4.182-mileOvalSturgis, South Dakota201720182
Inconveniently Far From A Hospital Speedway0.75-mileFigure 8Scenic Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania201720182
Actually TEXAS Motor Speedway, How Did They Let Us Do This, We Have A Driving Horse For Crying Out Loud1.5-mileQuad-OvalFort Worth, TEXAS201720182
Stoney Roberts Demolition Raceway0.4-mileOvalDothan, Alabama201820181
The Crocodile Mile1-mileDirt OvalOkefenokee Swamp, Florida201820181
The Roundabout by Yes0.58-mileCircleFawkham, England201820181
Strong Style King's Roadway4.923-mileTriangleTokyo, Japan201820181
Enjoy Stock Car Racing Ironically Speedway1.017-mileFlat OvalBrooklyn, New York201820181
Die Poopenhosen4.2-mileRoad CourseDurchfall, Germany201820181
RuPaul's Drag Strip3-mileOvalBoystown, Illinois201820181
Those Two Pit Road Officials From The Stone Mountain Race Memorial Speedway0.75-mileOvalLanghorne, Pennsylvania201820181
Scorch's Pretty Fucking Good Racetrack2.5-mileTriangleSanta Monica, California201820181
Gristol Motor Speedway0.533-mileOvalGristol, Tennessee201720171
Ventura Highway3.49-mileRoad CourseSan Fernando Valley, California201720171
7 Days Since Last Workplace Accident Raceway0.75-mileFigure 8 Dirt TrackPensacola, Florida201720171
There Is Only One Racetrack In America0.75-mileD-Shaped OvalRichmond, Virginia201720171
Flavor Town Expressway3.8-mileRoad CourseFlavor Town, USA201720171
Parts Unknown Raceway0.5-mileShort Track Road CourseParts Unknown201720171
The Snow Globe1.0-mileBrick OvalMind of an Autistic Child, Ohio201720171
Turning Test Track0.973-mileStunt TrackShorter, Alabama201720171
Most Glorious and Blue Speedway2.7-mileSpeedway Road CourseOyama, Japan201720171
Rosenlodge Speedway0.25-mileFlat OvalTupelo, Mississippi201720171
Darlington Raceway's Cheaper Mexican Fascimile, "El Darlington"1.37-mileOvalEl Darlington, Mexico201720171
Beer Gut Gully9.5-mileRoad CourseBeer Guy, Missouri201720171

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