The following is a list of current and defunct teams that compete in the Diddler Cup Racing Series. The 2018 season is the first to introduce racing teams.

Currently, there is no limit to how many cars a team is allowed to have, but the most cars currently on any team is three. The team shares a single manufacturer for all cars, but each car has an independent car number, driver, and crew.

Chevrolet teams

Dixie Wimmer Inc.

9Stumpy LaneGumBooze2018
40Jean-Paul HenryLudger Beer Bombs2018
51Richard BloodBOXAWYNE2018

SlapDong Corporate Racing

15Kevin Boughner-PillmanDongerex InjectiPen2018
99DIRK TanakaSlapMart2018

Dodge teams

Matryoshka Inc.

1Vitaly KryptovGreybits2018
2Nikolai the Soviet Driving BearRUSSIAN BEARS 2 U2018
90Petrol TopovDmitri's Russian Roulette Laser Tag2018

South Tucson Youth Motorsports

13542 NormanFlorida Georgia Lime2018
28Ennio SporiniWall To Wall Salve2018
60Big Daddy ThibodeauxTucsonade2018

Ford teams

ATF/Bureau Racing

21Cobb SaladLegalBetForRealMoney.gov2018
27Agent Toby KeithThroat Candy Tobacco Lozenges2018
47Joe-Jon WinchesterJust Guns2018

Sbubby Mortports

00Paul WalkerNihilist Arby's2018
11Smiley van VuurenKFC "I Ate The Bones"2018
55Bucky DewshineTaco Baco2018

War Machine Racing

4Giaccomo GiaccomoKISS2018
35Paul AlcoholBathhouse Jim's Bathtub Gin2018

Pontiac teams

(Adjective) Foods

81Fat DarrylAll The Ham2018
82Harry GuntSO MUCH CHICKEN2018
83Doug PorkGood Gravy2018


32Rickie WaltonTemecula Dirt2018
75El Matador Toto RosannaAir Supply2018

Toyota teams

Most Glorious Motorsports

10Mr. Naga's Most Glorious DriverMost Glorious Mr. Naga/KUMITE2018
22Bowie JessupHCL2018
33Reverend PastorchavezYes!2018

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