Due to limited appeal, and limited range with the game, the TUFFGUY Competition concluded after 2 episodes. Due to the sale of the game, it will not be making a return at present time.

The TUFFGUY Competition was a boxing competition presented by IRM Sports on their Wednesday Night W...Fights program. The competition featured exclusively heavyweights (fighters over 200 lbs) and was simulated using the "Old School Rules" DLC mode for Fight Night Round 4 for the XBox 360, with the help of the XBox Live Vision Camera.

Unlike standard modern-day boxing, which takes place over a series of rounds, TUFFGUY rules feature one single round, with a fight time limit of 90 minutes. If a fighter is knocked down and can answer the referee's 10-count, both fighters will be allowed to go to their corners for a brief period, similar to time in between rounds. These break periods only occur if the referee must administer a 10-count to a fighter. Therefore, victory is only achieved by knockout. If the 90-minute time limit is reached, the fight is declared a draw.


The TUFFGUY ranking follows a points similar to the Elo rating system used in chess and other one-on-one competitions. Fighters all begin with the same number of points (1000), and points are awarded/deducted with wins/losses, according to the current ranking of the opponent, and how many TUFFGUY fights the fighter has had.

Once enough fights have taken place, the full rankings will appear here. For the moment, all fighters will be listed with their records, ranked by win percentage. These rankings are not official until the actual points system has been established.

Episode 1

May 8, 2013
Winner Loser Time
1 Flag of SCO Angus "Boobs" McTiernan 1-0 def. Flag of USA "The Internet Bumfight Sensation" Jumbo Slice 0-1 4:34
2 Flag of USA Mario "Facepuncher" Martinez 1-0 def. Flag of USA "Miami" Dave County 0-1 7:55
3 Flag of USA "Salty" Ray McElroy 1-0 def. Flag of FRA Guy Le Pelle 0-1 8:37
4 Flag of CUR The Big Kobongo 1-0 def. Flag of SWE "The IKEA Killer" Lars Larsson 0-1 7:30
5 Flag of USA "The Harlem Nightmare" Taylor Swift 1-0 def. Flag of MEX "The Mexican Grillmaster" Jorge Foreman 0-1 8:36

Episode 2

June 5, 2013
Winner Loser Time
1 Flag of ENG "Royal" Albert Hall 1-0 def. Flag of USA Hamilton Joe-Frank Reynolds 0-1 6:36
2 Flag of IRL Paddy "Power" Cadogan 1-0 def. Flag of USA "Sugardaddy" Carlo Lazarus 0-1 4:36
3 Flag of PUR "The Corn Chip Assassin" Pablo Frito 1-0 def. Flag of ENG "The Mansfield Meat Man" Wellington Steakhouse 0-1 9:24
4 Flag of USA "The Thoroughbred" Horse Hooligan 1-0 def. Flag of ENG "The Open Source" Lennox Ubuntu 0-1 10:26
5 Flag of RUS Nikita "The Communist" Perestroika 1-0 def. Flag of GER "Der Scharfschütze" Pachabel Cannon 0-1 8:17

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